The new film, directed and starring Kim Rossi Stuart, will hit Italian cinemas on October 20. Brado: Here are the official trailers and posters of the movie, thanks to Vision Distribution.

In the cast of the film Saul Nanni, Kim Rossi Stuart, Viola Sofia Betti, Federica Pocaterra, Alma Noce, Paola Lavini, with the participation of Barbora Bobulova. A Palomar production in collaboration with Vision Distribution, in collaboration with Sky, in collaboration with Prime Video.

Short content:
A son who wants nothing to do with his father is forced to help him run the family farm after breaking some bones. The two come together to train a recalcitrant horse and lead it to win a cross-country competition, but at the same time try to dissolve that lump of anger, hostility and resentment that has prevented them from being close for so long. . It’s a tough obstacle course that the horse must go through, but also what the two must endure to rebuild the love and bond they had lost. A horse trainer, with whom the young man falls in love, will help them in this venture.

Source: Lega Nerd

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