Last Sunday (26), impressive Iranian Ferreiraknown on social media as Glove de Pedreiro revealed that his WhatsApp account had been hacked. A few hours later he said you have lost access to your profile TikTok.

In a post on Instagram Stories, Influencer said, “I don’t even bother with TikTok, man, now it wants a password to enter TikTok. The only people who know the password are the people there, my former managers.” This is bullshit, partner. I started TikTok by myself, with God everyone knows there”.

Various controversies have emerged in recent days involving his influencer and his former manager. The drop in access will be linked to the end of the relationship between the parties – that is, it is not a cyber attack or anything like that.

Businessman’s response

Businessman Allan de Jesus, who took care of Luva de Pedreiro’s career, said on the same day that he had already disconnected from his TikTok account by the new team in charge of Iran. The influencer’s former admin even blamed the team for ‘unintentionally blocking’ use of the account.

Regarding WhatsApp, the businessman said that the phone accounts Luva de Pedreiro used were canceled after he discovered that he would no longer be responsible for the influencer.

“He used my line a few months ago and I decided to cancel today. So now that he’s decided to continue without me, his team should have guided him today to get another hotline so he can use it,” he said on his behalf.

how it all started

The dispute allegedly started after an argument involving businessman Allan de Jesus, who allegedly closed a contract where the influencer earned only 45% of the amount received for advertising – meanwhile, Allan will get 45% and another influencer will earn 10% .

According to a column in the newspaper metropolisesThe influencer had two bank accounts that accounted for less than BRL 8,000 since the beginning of 2022. That’s why Allan spoke to reveal that Luva de Pedreiro will receive approximately BRL 2 million as of July this year.

According to recent information, the businessman would also ban Glove de Pedreiro’s action with football player Cristiano Ronaldo. The former executive reportedly turned down a disclosure agreement with Nike.

Mason Glove has over 17 million followers on TikTok. The influencer was also the first to be followed by the official profile of Instagram, a social network with 15 million followers.

Source: Tec Mundo

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