Delving into the context and representation of their characters, Rings of Powerfrom Prime Video, showed the real ambitions of his story. Episode 6 is not only the closest in meaning to J. R. R. Tolkien’s epic, but also the most elaborate and well constructed. As if that wasn’t enough, he revealed two of his biggest seasonal secrets in one. mysterious endingwhich will be the milestone in the argument.

The script managed to tie the two main stories into one setting. When the inhabitants of the Southlands fought ruthlessly against the orcs, Galadriel and the people of Numenor came to their aid. It was about moment of greatest action in the series. In addition, the one who built what is undoubtedly an accurate scenario of what is declared a major conflict.

In its sixth chapter Rings of Power clarified several important points. Especially his ending showed a gloomy landscape, familiar to many fans of British creativity. In addition, he gave an explanation for a very specific mystery. What was the function of the hilt of Sauron’s sword? Was it just a memory of the dark times, or something more complex? The script decided to create something more meaningful and unique to answer these questions.

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Key to unlock darkness

The unnerving and dark twist at the end of the chapter begins when Theo discovers what was in the package that contained sword of sauron. Prior to this, the dangerous object was wrapped and hidden from the eyes of local residents inside a fabric cocoon. Arondir, worried about his influence over them, hid it. However, Theo later abandoned it during the Siege of Adar in order to save his mother’s life.

The corrupted elf managed to escape with the dark relic until Halbrand stopped him and Galadriel snatched it from him. At least that’s how it was on screen, or whatever the script hinted at. But really, Adara had the opportunity to deliver the artifact to Valdreg., one of the men from the South who swore allegiance to him. In this chapter, he even mentions that he has a “very important mission” for a renegade from the village. It is the latter who finally takes the magical artifact and leads him to the inexplicable castle of wood and metal discovered in the previous chapter.

The next scene where we see the dark hilt is in Waldreg’s hands. The aforementioned does not hesitate to use his blood as a sacrifice to make the mechanism work. A fact that you already know because you made it clear in previous chapters that you already know what function an object can have.

No one suspecting what was happening, the traitor placed the magical figure in the place indicated by Adar in the same episode. In addition, he managed to unlock his mechanism with one precise move, which was no doubt previously explained by the corrupted elf.

Sauron and his secrets in the new chapter of the Ring of Power

Rings of Power
Lloyd Owen as Elendil, Maxim Baldry as Isildur

As early as episode five, Arondir explained that the hilt was a custom made fist for other similar artifacts using dark magic. In addition, he stated that he most likely had a direct relationship with Morgoth. Which leads to a significant event in the next episode Rings of Power.

The mechanism that Waldreg had set up triggered a number of situations at the same time. The first, collapsed stone dam built in the mountains of Efel Duat, which caused a destructive surge of the river in which he was located. But, even more tellingly, she finally gives an explanation for the painstaking work of the Orcs of Adar in the very last chapters.

A platoon of creatures spent time and effort building a network of tunnels, the usefulness of which was still unknown. This, in turn, proves that the map Galadriel found in Numenor was true. Morgoth’s plan, followed in turn by Sauron, included the creation of his own territory..

This is what Adar says at the beginning of the episode, so it’s obvious that everything that happened next was in his plans. Including, of course, being caught – a dark ploy Sauron will pull in the future – and allowing Galadriel to interrogate him. This prevented the Elven Lady from paying attention to the dark weapon she had just rescued.

But as soon as Waldred activates the mechanism, the whole storyline is formed into a single image. The tunnels built by the orcs fill with water and rush to destroy everything in their path. It then becomes clear that every excavation was aimed at redirecting the river water from Ostyrit to the nearest volcano.

Possible birth of Mount Doom and Mordor

Rings of Power, Mordor

Soon all underground river lines converge under a huge volcano near Tirharad. Effect causes an eruption that destroys everything in its path and turns the mouth of the mountain to ash. As the whole catastrophe unfolds, the trapped orcs and even Adar begin to chant the word “Udun” in unison.

According to Tolkien, Udun is a vast valley in Mordor. which runs through the northwest of the territory to Eisenmuth. what happened in Rings of Power builds thus a profile of evil in Middle-earth. The one that shows what the trail meant, which Galadriel searched tirelessly in previous chapters, as well as the map she found in Numenor.

With unexpected prowess, the series ended several of its story arcs and opened up several new ones. Evil awaits in the Southlands, making the question inevitable. Is the King of Darkness in Tolkien’s work already in this region?

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