Angelina Jolie has decided to file a counterclaim against Brad Pitt, after the actor sued the actress for violating agreements with their winery, Château Miraval. Jolie’s legal team is said to have revealed some details dating back to 2016, the year when Brad Pitt was revealed to have made violent gestures towards Jolie himself and their children.

In court, the agreement requested by Brad Pitt was revoked, in which the actor asked Angelina Jolie not to disclose the abuses against her and their children. According to what is widespread in the counterclaim:

Brad Pitt allegedly tried to strangle one of the couple’s children and punched another in the face. While the Jolie would be taken by the head and shaken.

All of this is said to have happened in a private plane in September 2016. The discussion between the two is said to have arisen for Pitt’s words about Jolie being too reverent towards the kids. The altercation would continue in the bathroom, with Jolie locked in, while Pitt continued to smash the shed.

And when one of the couple’s children tried to verbally defend Jolie, Brad Pitt is said to have injured the woman in the elbow and shoulder. The kids would then try to defend her, and on that occasion Pitt tried to strangle one and punch the other in the face. The other children allegedly begged the actor to stop while they were in tears.

Jolie previously anonymously sued Brad Pitt in 2016. In the lawsuit, Jolie’s lawyers argued that Brad Pitt had already been charged with violent acts that day.

Source: Lega Nerd

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