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Unpublished film premiere in May on Movistar Plus+


There are so few cinemas left it is impossible to hold the premieres of all the films that are shot in them. And the pandemic didn’t help either. Luckily, we still have streaming platforms.

Among these films that did not make it to the big screen, Movistar Plus+ lists unreleased films.and released directly to home screens.

Lot European and independent cinema in their unreleased premieres for the month of May, compiled below. Films with a very attractive synopsis, dedicated to topics unusual for commercial cinema.

We start with black Fridaya horror comedy with a lot of gore in which store employees must protect their lives in the midst of Black Friday, when a mass of customers turn into zombies.

The cast includes Bruce Campbell, the protagonist of Hell’s Obsession, a classic film of the genre. It opens May 1st.

For those already soaked in so many zombies and so much blood, Arthur and the Algorithm – Italian film by comedian Pif, author of the book Mafia only kills in summer.

Arturo is an executive fired for using an algorithm he helped create that makes his job unnecessary. After losing his job, home, and partner, his last resort is to become a bike delivery man for a delivery app. Premiere 8 May.

Fortune favors Lady Nikuko is a cute anime film from the makers of the award-winning Children of the Sea.

The film is about Nikuko, a middle-aged woman who is very unlucky in love but who always faces challenges with a positive attitude. After several setbacks, he and his daughter settle on a stranded boat in a quiet coastal town. Premiere May 10th.

These other unpublished movie titles coming to Movistar following days:

  • East – May 11
  • Last Standing – May 14
  • Last Child – May 15
  • Hotel “Nowhere” – May 17.
  • In Silence – May 24
  • Voice of Resistance – May 25

A very careful selection that undoubtedly attracts many moviegoers, which is collected by Movistar Plus +, a platform that is always committed to cinema.

These days we also showed you the premiere films and new series of May on Movistar Plus +.

Source: Computer Hoy

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