Guillermo del Toro he has already hinted how much his own Pinocchio it will be profoundly different from the other adjustments made so far, and the latest statements only confirm this. Remember that the feature film will be released on Netflix on December 9 after a long wait, and postponement of distribution.

This is the new poster, which does nothing but testify how the realms of this Pinocchio are rather obscure, and with rather peculiar symbolic and metaphorical references.

Pinocchio, Guillermo-Del-Toro

In the words of Guillermo del Toro:

We wanted to show as much as possible how the film was made, since with these transpositions and certain effects you usually immediately talk about computers. While we have all exploited an old way of doing it with handicrafts and real sets made shutters for the animators.

Here’s the director on the “more than real” set of the film.


On the reasons that led del Toro to adapt Pinocchio, the director said:

As a child, my favorite stories were Pinocchio and Frankenstein. And that may explain something of the relationship with my father. They are stories that make connections with the father figure. And then Pinocchio is a universal figure, because there may be a dozen of them in history. We can think of Frankenstein, Pinocchio, Tarzan and Sherlock Holmes. They are characters that you know who they are, even if you haven’t read or seen one of their stories. And you can use them as metaphors for science, for human emotions, and for other things.

Guillermo del Toro said that he had been working on this film for about 15 years and that this version is different from the others, also because it focuses on a political context, such as that of the fascist and Mussolini era, which has to do with central themes of the story of Pinocchio.

All the other Pinocchios speak of obedience – he noted – while this film is about disobedience. This is the first factor of humanity. Being human does not mean adapting, changing yourself and others, but understanding. That is why I consider disobedience a first step. This thing can be compared to the differences between idea and ideology. Ideology is something that is given to you and which you must blindly obey. While the idea is something you build with understanding and working on yourself. Ideology is something that also made its appearance in the Mussolini period, and that has to do with paternal control.

In all this, del Toro also showed a desire to go against the messages of the original work, because:

[Il mio film, ndr] it goes against the book, because the book tries to tame the boy’s mind in a somewhat strange way. It is a book of great ingenuity, but it also proposes blind obedience to parents, being a good boy at all costs, and so on. The [mio film, ndr] it is about finding yourself and your way in the world, not only by obeying the commandments, but also by understanding when they are right and when they are not.

We just have to wait until December to enjoy this new film from Guillermo del Toro.

Source: Lega Nerd

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