Ready to argue about surviving vampires. And it’s not surprising: on Steam, you rather simply don’t pay attention, because there are no graphics, it’s not clear in the commercial and on the screenshots that it costs only 200 rubles, and in the discovery it has the status “available”, that is, there is even more there was no official release.

But if you look closely, you will notice one strange thing. Vampire Survivors has 118,803 reviews and 98% of them are extremely positive.

And if you go to YouTube and enter in the search the name of the game, the number of streams, congresses, tactics for passing and emissions thematic rollers just rolls over.

What hooked the gaming community this simple, at first glance, “casual game”? I did not regret 200 rubles, bought it and returned to this text only a day later, which fell out of my life.

Guys, this game is really addictive.

It’s 8-bit Crimsonland! Although not quite

In Vampire Survivors, the player fights off hordes of the undead in a chosen location. Monsters drop blue crystals that must be picked up to fill the experience bar. By the principle of 100% opening of the selection window from several abilities, from which you can choose one part.

And so again and again. Monsters are getting stronger, more and more of them, but the player character is getting stronger. True, no matter how pumped the hero is, at some point hundreds of zombies surround and tear the player to pieces. The game is over.

But this time you managed to determine the required number of ghouls, and also upgraded some ability to a usable level. So when considering the game, new “perks” and playable heroes will be available to you, each with its own basic objects.


And then there is nothing else left but to re-create the same location. It’s interesting to test the newly discovered “magic”, and this ability needs to be tested, what if it helps to survive in the midst of enemies? During the process, it turns out that events can also be combined to get something so ultimatum that hundreds of obstacles will certainly not have a single chance.

there are a lot of similar games in the roguelike genre on the same Steam. A bright representative of this genre for me until recently was Hades two years ago.

This game also developed several re-locations over and over again, while learning the story of the main character along the way. I myself have spent many hours in the company of the ancient Greek gods, completing the same levels hundreds of times.

Sometimes it’s natural that I determined the location of all the nooks and crannies in those locations, and this despite the fact that with each new run, the location of the halls was generated anew.

But Hades had an interesting storyline, decent graphics, and a soundtrack. In Vampire Survivors, the graphics are at the level of old game consoles, the music is monotonous, the sounds are like on Dandy, the goal of the game is to survive 30 minutes without dying, and all character control comes down to the fact that you just need to walk.

Yes, shots, strikes and casting spells are automatic here. Only four buttons on the keyboard are involved in the control – arrows or WASD. With their help, the player must dodge crowds of opponents who run, flock and crawl to the character on the screen literally from all sides.

you will see this inscription often. But that doesn’t mean the game is over.

That is, the creators took the good old “meat grinder” Crimsonland, crossed it with the ideas of leveling the type as in Hades and … it worked.

Thousands of players run Vampire Survivors over and over again, purchase builds, stream walkthroughs and leave rave reviews.

On poppies it just flies

The best part is when monster chests drop not one, but three or five perks at once.

Special thanks to the developers for the Mac version of the game. set of pixelated graphics and a lightweight distribution, Vampire Survivors is easy to use even on a 2011 MacBook Pro.

True, in especially hot moments, when your hero is already level 80+ and the whole screen is teeming with monsters, old cars can lag.

Vampire survival probability phenomenon occurs in simple gameplay, the exact price and implementation reveals all the achievements to get more pronounced weapons, results and heroes. And with them try to defeat the horde of the undead again. So it flies by unnoticed for an hour, but I personally did not feel sorry for this time.

Also, the visual style of the game is very recognizably reminiscent of Castlevania, but the gameplay is greatly simplified. Leveling up and discovering new “perks” happens as if by itself – it’s almost impossible to just lose and not get some kind of improvement. The game very quickly gives a huge number of builds that interact without calculators and plates.

Yes, by and large, Vampire Survivors is just another pixelated indie project, but there is nothing superfluous in it. Only you, the endless crowds of enemies and your intuition is the puzzle of pumping your hero. Pure hardcore.

It costs only 200 rubles. Try it, love it.

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