From the first episodes a new episode of the final season Walking Dead, which you can see on Disney+, makes it clear that the big question of the plot of the part is survival. This seems like a recurring theme for the show, which has always based the weight of its arguments on its relentless fight against the Walkers. What do they symbolize and what each of their characters had to lose or sacrifice to keep them alive.

But it is also a merciless confrontation with all the various events that threatened this conviction about life, despite all the darkness. Perhaps for this reason, the first few minutes show a flashback in which Eugene begs Abraham to save his life. memory of Walking Dead it is uncomfortable, like the most difficult rooms in the long history of production. How far can you go to save a life?

Eugene answered this question more than once. Not only in the painful scene in front of Abraham, but also in his plea to stop Negan from killing him. Is death possible in the land of the dead?

For his latest episodes, Walking Dead he returns to familiar places, to his moral questions. The most painful and, moreover, the most humane. The whole opening sequence is a reaction to this inner need to persevere. Now Eugene must again cling to life as best he can and as he is allowed to.

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Eugene, again in the midst of pain and fear

In this case, the solution is clear, painful and ambiguous. Will she run away with Daryl and Rosita to safety? Or will he decide to stay in the Commonwealth and save the life of perhaps the only person he wants to hold on to?

And again, Walking Dead you want to make it clear that the purpose of survival is not only to avoid a terrible and painful fate. It’s the same, creating a sense of existence that supports the future. A premise that made the series more powerful despite its detours and weird plot twists.

But the theme remains the same in all its dark ambiguity. What is life but making sometimes impossible, violent, cruel, ruthless decisions? Eugene Porter went through all the layers of the search for life’s meaning to continue. Sometimes between cowardice and pain. In others, between the possibility of being only a witness to the vicissitudes that crush him.

One way or another, the character is the personification of the spirit Walking Dead and it’s clear in the chapter. And he does it from his most painful, strange and realistic side. For this reason, the third chapter of the second part of her last season makes a strange emphasis on the duality of the plot. Also in the possible future consequences that await the character very soon.

Walking Dead

Walking Dead: cowardice, courage, simple humanity

In some of the best scenes of the new episode Walking Deadfear is the next step to take. Eugene was never distinguished by courage, especially as a propagandist of great selfless heroic deeds. Perhaps for this reason there is something bittersweet in the argument, farewell to an integral part of production, supported by the weakness of human nature.

Because Eugene will make the decision. Inevitable, which will put Max in the priority. In fact, the character asks himself questions several times. Can he refuse the possibility of redemption? Can you afford to make a big sacrifice at the cost of the only thing of value you have saved? Even as he fights Daryl with a fragile rage that draws more pity than anger. But in the end, Eugene and his weaknesses will show a new and moving corner of this story of losers. From this vision of a defeated world that fights for hope. Either because of love, the only reason that could magnify the character, or because of a simple force that creates an almost intimate state of good and evil.

There is no salvation: the fear of death brought Eugene to a painful state. But maybe it’s inevitable that this is how it should be. A space where the instinct for self-preservation collides with the impulse to do good. Most specific north in argument Walking Deadwho patiently explores the humanity of his characters.

Even for Max and the Princess, this will also be a dilemma. How many actions of both will ultimately cause harm, even if it is not the intention of both? Walking Dead always preferred to leave his worst harsh conditions to the internal transit of his protagonists. To the absolute possibility of dying, killing or letting others die. A dilemma that the chapter raises to a painful level.

After all, the path of the dead is clear

The Commonwealth remains a possibility. But with a chapter that opens with death, horrors and screams, it is clear that Walking Dead leads to the obvious conclusion. The seemingly only safe point of the apocalypse is false destiny. A utopia that is about to collapse.

What do you expect from the Miltons when the pressure eventually destroys their little reserve of power? Slowly Walking Dead represents a simple vision of an obvious conclusion. The possibility of death is near, it is inevitable, and the Commonwealth will not escape it. An atrocity that is about to be discovered by the inhabitants of the supposed city, able to escape the attack of horror.

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