Valentina Bertani draws The embarrassment of the hair, a dramatic film to be released in Italian cinemas on November 10, of which I Wonder today shows the official trailer, photos and poster. The cast of the film, produced by Diaviva for Italy and Movieplus for Israel, includes Benjamin Israel, Joshua Israel, Sergio Israel, Monica Carletti and Michela Scaramuzza.

Short content:
When school is over and adulthood begins, Benjamin and Joshua Israel, homozygous twins of Jewish descent, begin to feel oppressed. When friends and classmates plan a new life, they can’t imagine the future. Being twenty years old and having natural charisma combined with a good dose of bravado isn’t enough when you have a learning disability and the world you live in doesn’t seem to be made to welcome you. Feeling left out, Benjamin and Joshua confront the boundaries imposed by others without fear of bumping into them. Joshua wants to have sex for the first time, while Benjamin pursues the utopia of love. Although the two often conflict with each other, their bond is impossible to break. They will soon learn that growing up means giving the other person space without shadowing them.

Source: Lega Nerd

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