Part of the film industry has found a number of compelling storylines in video games to develop on the big screen. By using live actionfranchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, resident Evil D unknown Here are some of the ones already out in theaters. The feature film is expected to solid metal gear made Oscar Isaac.

The news and rumors surrounding this production are not new. In 2020 term provided information about the development of the project. Two years later, there are still doubts about this. But Oscar Isaac refers to a movie about solid metal gear as what you want to achieve, for what that might mean for both an actor and perhaps most of all, for being a video game fan.

Actor who will play solid snakewas expressed in relation to the project in Comic. Sony Pictures is the company in charge of production, as is the case with unknown. This is part of the company’s strategy to combine content for cinemas with advances in the video game format.

What Oscar Isaac said about the film adaptation solid metal gear?

During his time at Comic Book, when Oscar Isaac was commenting on part of his career and new projects, he was asked about solid metal gear. In regards to this, he commented, “We want this to happen.” Although he found that he didn’t have more details about it. “What scenario? What’s the story? What’s the idea? (…) I hope it comes true because there is a lot of potential for it.”.

Part of what motivates the actor to take part in this project is his past marked by this video game. Speaking specifically about the piece, he said:This is an amazing game. It’s my favorite“. Its purpose, in essence, is to complement Oscar Isaac gamer with a translator to give life to Solid Snake. solid metal gear It was released in 1998. Since then, in various versions until today, it remains one of those classic consoles.

The last thing that was known about the direction of the film was that Jordan Vogt-Roberts answers. Its production portfolio includes titles such as Kong: Skull Island, Nick Offerman: American Ham D Summer kings. As for the script, Derek Connolly, who has worked on projects such as Detective Pikachu D jurassic worldwill be responsible for the text under Peter Kang as executive body sony pictures.

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