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They trust that they will continue to launch seasons at once on Netflix, but they are also testing


Netflix is making its premiere series with full seasons, allowing its users to perform celebrities serial marathonsIn the United States it is called realm anyone series orgy. But the platform says: alternative formulas.

As competition increases and why don’t you say, saturation, most streaming platforms are betraying their principles and are slowly becoming what they promised to overcome: traditional television.

Three of Netflix’s tricks to gaining market share were no ads, ease of account sharing, and the premiere of full seasons that made series marathons fashionable.

But now Netflix launches and tests a plan with ads to ban account sharing alternatives for hit season premiere.

The “binge” or binge-watching pattern on Netflix in question

competition, as hbo max anyone Disney+premiere of the seasons weekly episodes, and they do it very well.

Series like The House of the Dragon, The Rings of Power or Andor take more than 2 months to fully air. This makes been talked about for weekspeople who are willing to promote for free and see them at the same time, subscribe more than a month.

Does Netflix plan to release its series every week? Not currently, but already exploring alternatives.

For example, launched Stranger Things season 4 in two parts, and it worked pretty well. YOU will also be split into two parts for its fourth season. Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities will premiere one episode each day.

However, as explained by the CEO of the company in a letter sent by Screenrant to shareholders, it seems that serial marathons are not in danger:

We think our binge-casting model helps drive high engagement, especially for new games. This allows viewers to lose themselves in the stories they like.

For example, it’s hard to imagine how a Korean game like “The Squid Game” would become a huge global hit without some boost that people can overeat.

We believe the chance for our members to be immersed in a story from start to finish increases their enjoyment and also increases their likelihood of telling their friends about it, which means more people watch, join and stay on Netflix.x,” the letter explains.

So it looks like full season premiere inside Netflix not in danger. But seeing how good the competition is weekly episode releasesIt’s possible that these “experiments” that split seasons into two or split into specific series with weekly premieres are becoming more and more common on the popular streaming platform.

Source: Computer Hoy

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