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Time Travelers: Video of two women talking on a cell phone 100 years ago… and a possible explanation


We found two more time travelers. Two women who seem talking on mobile in two video from 1928 D 1938. How is it possible cell phones existed almost 100 years ago? The most bizarre explanation is that they are time travelers. We are going to give you a scientific explanation.

The other day, two curious videos appeared in the press, where you can see two women are talking on a cell phone, almost a century ago.

The first ever Motorola DynaTAC mobile phone went on sale in 1984. Although the prototype already existed 10 years earlier, in 1973, created by Martin Cooper of Bell Laboratories.

If cell phones are barely 50 years old… how is it possible that in this 1928 video one appears woman what it seems talking on a portable phone?


A deaf time traveler attended the premiere of Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus.

This is footage from the premiere. mythical movie circus Charles Chaplin filmed outside the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles.

It is clearly seen how a woman walks, carrying device that fits in the earand speaks at the same time. The anachronism was discovered by film expert George Clark and included on the film’s DVD. Are we facing a real time traveler in the purest Ministry of Time or Doctor Who style?

If it’s a cell phone… who are you talking to? At that time there were no mobile networks.

The scientific explanation is that woman wearing a hearing aid, and she is talking loudly to the person walking in front of her. Hearing impaired people tend to speak loudly. They even identified the device as a Western Electric Model 34A “Audiphone” carbon hearing aid:

A rather bulky device, about the size of a mobile phone, and which, by the way, looks like an iPod…

This other video is even more intriguing. It was recorded in 1938, and shows a group of workers at the aluminum company Massena. You can clearly see how the woman wears a device that she brings to her ear and appears to speak into it. Just as suspiciously, when he sees the camera, he hides it:


Cell phone of time traveler Massena, 1938

In the comments to the video, people speculate about the hearing aid mentioned above, the sound player, the walkie-talkie, but none of this existed, or at least on such a small scale, in 1938.

The most plausible explanation, although not proven, comes from the granddaughter of the woman who saw the video. He claims that his grandmother’s name is Gertrude Jonesand still lives.

He is 17 years old in the video. I asked him about this video and he remembers it quite clearly. It says that Dupont had a telephone department at the plant. They experimented with cordless phones. Gertrude and five other women were given these cordless phones to test for a week.“, he assures.

Gertrude is talking to one of the scientists holding another cordless phone to her right as she walks by.“.

passion for search Time Travelers This is just for fun, but it allowed us to discover something that seems surprising: almost 100 years ago it seems that already experimented with mobile phones. What no one has yet been able to explain is the photographs of people talking on cell phones centuries ago.

Source: Computer Hoy

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