From the first episodes Andor, available on Disney+, Luten Rael (Stellan Skarsgård) has become an enigma. Especially because of its chameleon quality. The man who went to Ferrix encountered the Imperial Guard and recruited a mercenary, also a seemingly innocent trader on Coruscant. In the midst of all this, the character goes through a complex scenario of difficulties that make him one of the most important figures in the story.

But, in particular, it was the eighth chapter that showed all its complexity. His personality had just become a point of honor for both the Empire and the rebels..

The discovered connection between the death of two officials on the mining planet, the robbery on Aldhani and Cassian Andor has cleared up something. Luten is much more than a rebel seduced by the idea of ​​freedom. He is also a brilliant strategist who carefully built a network of connections to support the rebellion.

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The meaning of the mysterious man in Andor

Luten Rael is also one of the fundamental elements for understanding the world, which is Andor. Tony Gilroy’s production decided to ditch colorful planets, lightsaber battles and space tours in favor of sober suspense.. While scrutinizing the Star Wars universe at its most hidden layers, the production explores the mythology of George Lucas from the fringes.

The result is to find in his characters the best way to describe the volatile and always dangerous map of power. Moreover, it is obvious that the Empire is based on the exploitation of the inhabitants of the galaxy, subjected to its siege. Episode eight Andor he spent a lot of time analyzing how the dictatorial regime uses the inhabitants of the galaxy. In particular, the way his control creates a kind of anonymous violence from which no one is immune.

This made Luten Rael, who until now had been the invisible link between the young rebel groups and the highest echelons of power, become more important. The character has just become the only link that unites the network of attacks that Dedra Miro begins to investigate. Also in the blind zone supporting large-scale attacks and networks of supply and even information. As high-ranking officials have just found out, Luten Rael is the linchpin that unites all subversives’ silent attempts to seize power.

Luten Rael, a look at the most radical resistance in the galaxy

But contrary to Mont Monta’s pacifist and hard-working vision, Luten Rael takes on a more complex role. In fact, the first clashes between both characters come from their different views on how to fight the Empire. While the senator is unwilling to sacrifice lives or use the instrument of armed confrontation, Rael understands the Empire as a system of silent control. The one who needs to show his worst face to add will against him.

Both know that the perception of combat goes through something that must be lost in the middle of combat. “Who are you, Luten Rael?” Guerrera asks angrily and defiantly. “Coward,” admits Rael. “But one that will bring everything to its final consequences.” Perhaps the key to understanding the birth of the Rebellion as the centerpiece of a dangerous pressure ready to explode into Andor.

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