After sharing a video on Instagram announcing his return as Supermanthe translator Henry Cavill spoke to Happy Sad Confused and revealed some details about his return as the Man of Steel, and more.

Precisely about the role of Superman, he stated:

I think I learned a lot from this character. I’ve been playing Superman for many years, and when you take on the role of a character like that, it goes beyond that, because it becomes a responsibility both on and off camera. He taught me a lot about myself and the power of a figure like Superman, and what it represents to so many people.

We already know that Henry Cavill has made another minor appearance as Superman. Here’s how it was born:

I was working on The Witcher and got a call asking when I could be released for a cameo. At that time, I was working six groups a week, but we found a good date to fit it all in. It was all kept secret, even in the production of The Witcher. So I went to the Warner Bros. studios. in the UK and it all happened on a super secret set. And there I wore the suit.

But Henry Cavill isn’t satisfied with being the greatest superhero in DC, some rumors have spoken of a possible collaboration with Marvel. In particular, there was talk of his involvement in the role of Hyperion in Loki. It is a figure that can be associated with that of Superman as Hyperion is endowed with superhuman strength, speed and stamina and the ability to fly. Regarding the possibility of his appearance in Loki, Henry Cavill said:

As far as I know I won’t be in Loki. It would be complicated to show up on that shore, but if James Gunn did it, so could I.

The Hyperion character first appeared in The Avengers #69, created by Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema. Initially part of the Sinister Squadron, he was then reintroduced as Mark Milton, the last survivor of the Eternals on Earth-712.

But Henry Cavill also said he was very close to the role of James Bond in the Casino Royale. Here’s his story:

They told me I had been close to the roll. I was the second choice after Daniel Craig, I was the young option. But they chose Daniel, and I think it was the best choice, I was too young at the time. It was still a good experience, and it gave me courage.

Henry Cavill has promised that what we’ve seen with his Superman so far is just a taste of what lies ahead.

Source: Lega Nerd

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