The Netflix movie catalog is only growing. Moreover, in terms of its content, it offers all kinds of feature films with peculiar plots that surprise with their originality. From great epics about modern life to quirky explorations of morality, time and love. The platform gathers an impressive collection of all kinds stories that, in turn, can turn into interesting debates.

How is triumph understood in our time? How are the blurred boundaries between intimacy and community defined in the midst of a hyper-connected world? Why is our culture obsessed with serial killers? Here are some of the questions that Netflix movies try to answer. Sometimes with common sense and better arguments, other times with approaches that are not as precise or deep. However, the subsequent debate is inevitable and certainly has a lot to do with how content is currently being consumed. online.

We recommend five Netflix movies that will give you a fresh look at hot and exciting new topics. Most of the original angles. Others come from a deep overview of how we learn difficult or uncomfortable topics. Whatever your preferences, they will provide you with an opportunity for an unusual conversation from an unknown perspective on familiar ideas. Quite an exciting intellectual experience.

the girl who had everything

Ani (Mila Kunis) is a journalist with a bright future who is also about to marry the man of her dreams. An ideal life for a woman who has been fighting for her place in the world since her teenage years. However, this Mike Barker movie from Netflix is ​​much more complex and difficult than it sounds.

Especially when the plot starts to delve into Anya’s traumatic past and all the suffering it brings. And, if that wasn’t enough, the realization that her adult life is nothing more than a brutal reflection of her worst fears and emotional wounds.

Based on the book of the same name by author Jessica Knoll, the plot of this Netflix movie is shrewd and sometimes cruel, redefining the standards of modern success. Much more, from the perception of violence associated with prejudice and discrimination. Little by little, Anya’s ideal life gives way to the consequences of a cruel and inhuman experience. Also to the exploration of modern horrors and the eradication of current life. In the end, the girl who had everything it is a stark look at the illusion of perfection and ambition, turned into a look at loss and adult frustration.

Extremely violent, mean and evil

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The crimes of Ted Bundy have become a nefarious part of American history. Especially after an unhealthy collective curiosity made him a terrifying myth in popular culture. However, the people around him and who he has deceived for decades are rarely talked about. Especially those who knew a kind man, for whom the killer pretended to be.

This Netflix movie, directed by Joe Berlinger, tries to navigate through the unknown and uncomfortable space of what Ted Bundy envisioned for his friends and family. In particular, for the woman he lived with while committing some of his most heinous crimes. Lily Collins plays Liz Kendall, Bundy’s partner during the most turbulent and dangerous years of his life. In particular, the years during which he perfected his method of brutal and ruthless killing.

A grim figure of a serial killer appears with the face of Zac Efron, in a disturbing vision of the perpetrator as an unseen predator. But much more terrifying is the film’s ability to explore the complexity of the relationship between violence and American culture. An ominous theme that the Netflix movie shows from a tough point of view. In addition to the accusations against the perpetrator, there is an unexpected question about the identity of the shadow figure. What motivates a person to kill cruelly and with fear? The argument doesn’t attempt to answer the question, but leaves a few more unanswered within a grim collective debate.


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This twisted drama with dozens of completely unexpected plot twists is a curious part of the Netflix movie catalog. Charlotte (Allison Williams) and Lizzie (Logan Browning) are two talents from an exclusive music academy. But while one has fallen out of favor, the other is on the path to more dazzling success. One against the other, the struggle to achieve success or, at best, perfection will become fierce. Finally, downright deadly.

But in this complex, convoluted and increasingly claustrophobic plot, all is not as it seems. As the story progresses, the great contemporary questions about the need to find purpose and meaning in talent will become more and more relevant. In addition, much more sinister, corrosive and cruel.

Why do we want to be successful? What are we trying to find among good and evil as abstract extremes of the same idea? Nothing is clear in this brutal view of triumph and dehumanization. One that includes amputations, and brutal murders, and, in the end, the most corrosive satire on the desire for recognition. All current issues of great relevance and importance.


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Tomasz Gimza (Maciej Musilovsky) is a law student obsessed with his passion. One who clears his name and demonstrates his talent and worth. At the same time, gloating about the death of the Krasutsky family, whom he hates for their economic status and privileges.

This may seem like a common premise man seeking revengeuntil it turns into something else. Tomasz reveals the dark side of social media and in particular the ability of large platforms to wreak havoc in the real world. Something he’ll use to his advantage in this unsettling Netflix movie until it touches the limits of horror and obsession.

Jan Komasa’s film is a dark version of the popularity and power of the virtual world, surprising in its effectiveness. In particular, turning the scenario of malice, hatred and revenge into something more frightening. Can the new means of communication become a weapon of control, abuse, and even murder? In the premise of this Netflix movie, the question is raised with close and real likelihood. A disturbing thought that offers its best moments for hater.

white girl

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How far are you willing to go for love? That’s the question that this Netflix semi-biographical film from director and screenwriter Elizabeth Wood keeps alive. The story of a college student who enters into a passionate relationship with a dangerous criminal may seem trite. But Wood manages to create an uncomfortable, painful, and extreme context by adding his own story about cheapness of traumatic experience. Leah (Morgan Taylor) is convinced that love is an insidious experience.

Especially when Blue (Brian Mark) shows him that the world is a multiple collection of experiences on the edge. Gradually, the couple will go through all the stages of an increasingly complex and cruel relationship. Also, one that can shake and destroy all of Leah’s beliefs and ideas about the world and dilemmas.

However, things come to a head when Blue is arrested and Leah decides to take a cruel risk to get him released. Gradually, in this Netflix film, what seemed like a plot based on experimenting with the boundaries of love and obsession will become something more. For your last cut, white girl will demonstrate how fear, suffering, desire and hopelessness can become a form of desire. Perhaps the most pessimistic and twisted plot point of this unclassifiable film.

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