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No one is untouchable: HBO cancels Westworld


Ambitious science fiction series western world, canceled by HBO. There will be no fifth season.

This decision came as a surprise, as it is one of HBO’s iconic series, one of the outstanding series that has captivated subscribers.

The drama is even bigger because its creators, Jonathan Nolan Y lisa joyThey had decided that a long time ago. The series would close with 5 seasons..

this looks incredible HBO He did not accept fifth season, was nominated for 54 Emmys for ending such a prestigious series, and it could continue to make money long after it ended. It’s not the same as watching a canceled 4-season series with a perfectly closed 5-season series.

And while it’s a market that almost no production company cares about anymore, it would sell much more in physical releases on Blu-ray.

Why did HBO cancel Westworld?

western world It is an ambitious science fiction series that tells the story of a futuristic amusement parkthe first is in the American Wild West (more on that later), where he lived artificial intelligence robots.

These androids are the same as humansso that visitors can experience all kinds of realistic experiences, both sexual and violent, without any moral responsibility.

But the robots were basically tired of being slaves and rebelled. Thus begins a magnificent adventure of action, mystery and drama that will change the future of humanity.

Westworld received very good reviews and had a great audience in the first seasons, but both data have dropped in the last two seasons. Some fans criticized him for getting too bogged down and didn’t offer answers or charismatic new characters. Does anyone remember what happened in Lost? Good similar.

Despite this, its creators hoped to seal a deal. fifth and final season. just a week ago Jonathan Nolan In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he said:Our negotiations with the chain continue. hope we can“. co-creator lisa joy stated: “We have always had an ending that Jonah and I hoped to achieve. We haven’t reached it yet“.

Unfortunately not for now. After its merger with Discovery, Warner cuts costs savagely. canceled almost all international seriesand now he didn’t hesitate Leave Westworld without its final seasona series that is expensive to produce due to its real settings and special effects.

HBO cancels Westworld, but that doesn’t mean it’s the definitive end. Maybe in the future they will decide to close the series with a movie or start over, as they did with Deadwood. Nothing is impossible in the world of television.

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