new MacBook design allows Apple to move production of these models to Vietnam and thereby further its goal of decentralizing the production of its products from China. According to Nikki Asiathe Cupertino-based company is in talks to manufacture both the aforementioned hardware and its Apple Watch in the Southeast Asian country, and has already begun test production at two factories that Luxshare Precision Industry and Foxconn, its main suppliers, have in the region.

Apple, let’s remember For years, he tried not to depend on China for his products. because of bad relations with the country. Relations that have also deteriorated significantly due to current events, such as the war in Russia and Ukraine or the hypothetical Chinese invasion of Taiwan. The company, by the way, already manufactures part of its products in Vietnam. Among them are some models of iPad and AirPods, but moving other devices from an Asian country seems to be difficult. Mainly because many components for this equipment are made in China, which makes moving them from one country to another not only logistically more difficult, but also more expensive.

“Progress in moving mass production into the country has been slow, partly because of pandemic-related disruptions, but also because laptop manufacturing is tied into a wider supply chain.”

provides Nikki Asia citing anonymous sources.

The modular design of the MacBook makes it easy to manufacture outside of China.

However, with the new MacBooks, Apple has a significant advantage. The hardware design is very different from its predecessors; Not only externally, but also internally. In fact, the aforementioned carrier confirms the fact that the design of the company’s laptops became “more modular” this is what facilitates production outside of China. In particular, the motherboard now includes more components, which greatly speeds up as well as minimizes their transfer. Also assembly at factories in Vietnam.

It would not be strange, besides, that Apple took into account the redesign of its MacBook in order to move production from China. The appearance of these teams does not change every generation. It has been supported for years, modifying only some areas inside (processor, autonomy, screen) or small external elements, such as a keyboard.

In addition to macbooks, Apple is also determined to move Apple Watch production to Vietnam. However, even though the production of this device is difficult, because the company’s smartwatch, let’s remember, must integrate many components in a greatly reduced space. Apple also plans to move production of the HomePod smart speaker to the Southeast Asian country.

Meanwhile, the number of Apple suppliers in Vietnam continues to grow. According to research from Nikki Asia, There are already 22 manufacturers that have Apple in their client portfolios.. Companies like Samsung are also trying to reduce dependence on China amid ongoing tensions between China and the US.

Source: Hiper Textual

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