THE Marvel Studios they ensured the presence of Tom Holland in the next films of the House of Ideas. Insider Jeff Sneider revealed this during The Hot Mic podcast with Jeff Sneider and John Rocha. Tom Holland returns to play the role of Spider-Man for a new trilogy, plus three more guaranteed appearances.

According to what the insider has revealed, Tom Holland will definitely be part of a new project, as yet untitled, on Spider-Man 4. The new contract strengthens the collaboration between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios’ spiderverse. Among the new projects that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man could be part of would also be the TV series Daredevil: Born Again. Again, it’s a rumor, backed up by the fact that Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock made his debut in the MCU in Spider-Man: No Way Home, alongside Tom Holland.

This is the video where we find the apparition.

After all, Tom Holland himself has expressed interest in returning to take on the role of the Webweaver. Speaking to People Magazine, he said:

I loved everything about this experience and am thankful to Marvel and Sony for the opportunity. That’s why I don’t want to say goodbye to Spider-Man, but at the same time I would be ready. I don’t want to keep up with the next person who deserves to step into the character’s shoes.

But Sony producer Amy Pascal had already assured last year that Spider-Man: No Way Home would not be the last project in collaboration with Marvel Studios.

It’s not the last movie we’re making with Marvel – he said – we’re ready to make another Spider-Man with Tom Holland and with the House of Ideas. We’ve done three movies and we want to make three more, it’s not our last presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And in fact, if Jeff Sneider’s rumor is confirmed, Tom Holland’s presence in the Marvel Universe will continue for several more years and productions.

Source: Lega Nerd

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