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Netflix snaps a series that has it all to convince subscribers: Blockbuster


New comedy series from Netflix it’s based on latest video store mythical chain blockbusters. But it doesn’t seem to attract even those who are nostalgic for the 80s and 90s, its critical and audience level is still low.

As with the video store, sitcoms have ceased to be relevant on television. Gone are the days when viewers were dominated by shows such as Friends, Frasier, The Office, etc.

There is comedy series who worked really well like Ted Lasso or Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But most of them fail, especially on Netflix. This happened recently with Space Force and it seems that blockbusters I could go the same way.

In the 80s and 90s, before streaming was invented, movies were rented from video stores. blockbusters it was the largest chain with tens of thousands of video stores around the world. Ironically, he disappeared due to Netflixwho now dedicates a series to him.

latest blockbuster

There is actually another latest blockbuster in the world, and based on it is a series created by Vanessa Ramos, screenwriter of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The boss of the latest Blockbuster video store fights to keep it from closing and keep his employees happy while dealing with the competition…and his feelings.

It’s a series starring Randall Park, Melissa Fumero and Olga Meredis with a tone very similar to itself. Brooklyn Nine-Nine or super shopwhich have proven to be very successful. In the introductory video of the news, you can see the trailer.

We’ve watched a few episodes and agree with the Blockbuster review on It’s a proper comedy series, with funny situations and a nostalgic tone that follows the workers of the last video store. It won’t break the audience, but it can entertain the fans comedy series.

Unfortunately, it barely appeared in the top 10 on Netflix at one point, only to disappear the next day, and reviews compiled on Metacritic or FilmAffinity praise the actors’ efforts but ensure that the script is subpar or very conditional. . . .

There are other connotations that should not be overlooked. For comedy blockbusters this is very political series, like Superstore, with plots focusing on unionism and worker abuse. Or how to support local businesses and small businesses versus Amazon and the like.

It also contains chapters cultural diversity, for example, dedicated to the Mexican Day of the Dead. And it’s a series with an Asian actor, a Hispanic actress, and a gay man.

We don’t know if it affected the audience as it is now in the United States. Or maybe it’s young audience has no idea what a video store isAnd he doesn’t care either.

Anyway, if you are curious or just want to have a good time while you are eating, cooking or cleaning the kitchen, blockbuster this is comedy series A Netflix exclusive that will make you feel nostalgic for the time you visited video club rent a movie.

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