A few years ago, comparing a media player like the Apple TV to game consoles would have been a dumb idea. Not so much today. The improvements made by the people at Cupertino in the 2022 Apple TV 4K are significant, and the hardware opens the door to a world of different experiences. For this, since Flat PanelsHD Wondered how this player compares to the PS5. Here we have an answer.

The new Apple TV 4K, introduced this year, has some very advanced features. Inside, includes A15 Bionic chip (same as iPhone 13 Pro), although slightly modified. In this version, Apple has removed two cores, one on the GPU and one on its CPU, leaving only 4 cores for each.

Can Apple TV 4K match PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5? The answer is quite surprising. While the first was released in 2013, the second barely saw the light of day in 2020 and hasn’t even reached its full potential. How does the Apple TV 4K compare to these machines? The magic lies in the underestimated power of Apple’s chips.

The strength and optimization of Apple, a complex combination

Those from Cupertino seem to work wonders with optimizing their devices. Unlike previous versions, the Apple TV 4K does not include a fan among its internal components. Despite this, the company managed to make it heat up and slow down less than in previous models.

Similarly, the performance of the A15 Bionic chip has increased by 40% compared to the A12. While Apple claims that difference of at least 50%, these were not the results obtained by the researchers. They say it’s not necessarily due to Apple’s lies, but it could be a difference in methodologies.

“A 20 minute CPU stress test dropped the A12 to 65%, while the A15 was reduced to only 84%they comment from the above media. Adding that this can result in good long-term CPU performance “during long-term heavy gaming loads.”

Of course, this is a necessary condition for compare Apple TV 4K with PS5, PS4 and Xbox One. After all, it is useless to enter the game if after ten minutes the components of the device are red-hot.

Apple TV 4K vs PS5, PS4 and Xbox One

PS5 |  prefix 5 |  sony

According to FlatpanelsHD, the Apple TV 4K A15 Bionic processor is “much faster than previous generation consoles.” Also, they guarantee that this chip is even faster than PS5 performance on a single corealthough the Sony console leads the way in multi-core performance.

In terms of GPU, the Apple TV 4K offers, at least on paper, graphics performance of just over a teraflop. Unfortunately, this figure is not even comparable to the latest generation of consoles such as Xbox One or PS4.. Also, the amount of RAM included in the Apple device barely tops out at 4GB, while both consoles offered no less than 8GB.

Where the Apple TV 4K really wins is in the performance of its internal storage. Although it has less RAM, the speed is slightly faster than the Xbox One and PS4. Same way, It has a fast NVMe SSD that is ahead of the old hard drives that these consoles had..

In conclusion, we have that, although the Apple TV 4K is not a device designed as a game console, the company reaches a very positive point in the development of its systems. So much so that, in theory, Xbox One and PS4 games should play on Apple TV without too much trouble. In future, This could be Apple’s official commitment to enter the sector..

Source: Hiper Textual

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