Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Netflix launches feature to remotely remove any device from your account


Netflix activated today remove devices remotely what do you use netflix account. It was a highly requested feature that, for some reason, took years to implement.

Netflix allows you to create different user profiles for an account, and the administrator can cancel these profiles at any time or create new ones. But another case devices.

Sometimes when you go on a trip and spend a few days in a hotel or visit a friend, you are logging in from Netflix with your account in device that is not yourslike a TV from a hotel or a friend. If then you you forgot to log outanyone using this device You will be able to watch Netflix for free with your user account.

Sometimes Netflix it asks for the password again, but this is not normal, so literally whoever uses this device will be able to watch Netflix for free.

netflix accounts they weren’t allowed to see connected devices, only when your account is in use. You would know someone weird is using it because what they see will appear on your “Continue Watching” list, but you couldn’t tell who it was or where it was…until now.

How to remove devices from your Netflix account

With today’s update Netflix already showing devices that have connected to your Netflix account. The best thing is that in addition to being able to see them, you can drive them out with one click.

All you have to do is log in with your netflix accountgo to section Parameterand there you will see a new section called Access and device management.

On this screen, you can see how the most recently connected devices are now displayed:

Among the information it shows, we can see User profile who uses such a device LocationY when was the last time you connected to netflix.

If you see a device that you no longer use or that someone is using without your permission (or you want to permanently kick your ex), just click the Sign Out button or Go out per remove this device from your Netflix account. You will only be able to re-login if you enter your password. If you think you know it, you can change it on this same page.

This is a very useful option to take better control of your account or disable a device you no longer want to use.

Netflix It keeps releasing options to prevent you from sharing an account, which will be banned at the beginning of the year. A few weeks ago, he added the ability to transfer his profile to another account. He also released a cheap ad-supported plan that didn’t seem to be very successful. Too many restrictions to save only 2.5 euros per month.

New Feature Netflix per remotely disconnect devices from your Netflix accountit looks quite useful and gives users more control over their accounts, which is always welcome.

Source: Computer Hoy

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