After his criticism of the Marvel movies, the director Martin Scorsese has become a kind of standard-bearer of classical cinema (old but gold you might say), and the latest news that comes in about him continues in this vein and also presents very interesting news: especially the fact that the cult film Gangs of New York it will be a TV series.

As for the television movie Gangs of New York, it is a production curated by Miramax Television, with Martin Scorsese involved in the production and direction of the first two episodes, with Brett Leonard acting as screenwriter.

The project grew out of Herbert Asbury’s 1927 book that recounted the historical events related to the birth of the gangs that fought each other during the Civil War for supremacy over the then very young city of New York. It looks like the series won’t follow the events of the 2002 movie. Recall that Gangs of New York was the result of a troubled production in which Martin Scorsese clashed several times with producer Harvey Weinstein. The film’s budget was over $100 million, but the box office paid the cost, taking into account the revenue of 200 million.

And the box office was the last theme in the words of Martin Scorsese, who exposed the frenzy to make money at all costs, which has become practically dominant especially in the present day. Here are Scorsese’s words about it from the New York Film Festival stage:

Since the 1980s, the focus on numbers has become dominant, which is abhorrent. The cost of a movie is one thing, but take a look at the opening revenues, the collections in the United States and the United Kingdom, the Asian and European, how many people in total have started watching, like someone watching movies. makes and loves cinema is an insult to me. This thing doesn’t exist in an event like the New York Film Festival, there are no awards here. Here you don’t have to compete, just love cinema.

Recall that Martin Scorsese caused a controversy a few years ago with many professionals talking about his taste for filmstrips.

I don’t look at them. I tried, but that’s not cinema, he said at the time. Frankly, I can think of those products, although there are actors who try their best is that they are amusement parks. This is not a movie theater dedicated to people trying to convey emotions and experiences to other people.

Perhaps that’s why in recent years Martin Scorsese has mainly focused on producing TV series, such as Boardwalk Empire, Vinyl, and whatever else it will become Gangs of New York.

Source: Lega Nerd

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