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The never-ending formula: La que se avecina premieres a new season on Prime Video and also publicly


this season 13 of the incoming released today Primary VideoEven though it’s Monday telecinko for those who want to see it openly (and with a bunch of ads). There is major shortcomings and new faces. Plus, a new building.

incoming It is a Spanish comedy series that is basically an extension of the legendary Aquí no hay quien viva that premiered in 2003. Some actors like Fernando Tejero or Pablo Chiapella were there from the beginning.

incoming It’s been streaming on the open for over a decade, and lately you can see streaming platforms like Prime Video, HBO Max, or Netflix. In all, it’s common to see him in the weekly Top 10 in Spain, despite reruns.

Season 13 premiere of La que se avecina

It’s hard to explain the success of the series. choral comedy about a neighborhood community that gets into all kinds of trouble.

Definitely the key tells everyday stories about people on the street, but most of them are so absurd and complex that it looks like a comic book featuring real actors. Like a legendary comic 13, Rue du Barnacleby the brilliant Francisco Ibánez on which it is based.

this charisma of the playersand perfect chemistry between themtakes most of the blame for his long life. And that is what will decide its success or failure. season 13 of the incomingpremieres today on Prime Video. You can see the trailer in the opening video of the news.

After the Montepınar residents were expropriated, they moved to a central building on Calle. collusion 49. There, they will try to rebuild their lives under the authority of Greta Garmendia, the head of the community, who runs the building harshly and without opposition… until antonio recio gets out of jail.

this season 13 It will be marked by large absences. beloved Jose Luis Gil (Enrique Pastor) He is recovering from a heart attack and Vanesa Romero (Raquel Villanueva) is working on other projects. They’re players that have been around since the beginning. Cristina Medina (Nines Chacón) is also absent due to health problems, and Víctor Palmero (Alba Recio).

New players will gradually emerge to fill these gaps, for example Laura Gomez-Lacuevawhich we can see in another sister series, El pueblo, and Felix Gomez.

try for free

The key of the season new transfers keep the group’s chemistry, and manages to make the non-existent forget. Something that seems impossible, at least in the case of Jose Luis Gil.

three parts season 13 of the incoming, at Prime Video. The rest will come one every Friday. From Monday, it’s also openly premiered. telecinko.

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