walking Dead, available on Disney+ and Star+, has always been about survival. But beyond that, it’s also about hope. About the reasons to continue, even when all is lost, in the midst of the most terrible misfortunes and moments of horror. His last chapter not only remembered him, but he knew how to celebrate—and, ironically, also immortalize—the best that was in his being. walking Dead comes to the endbut not like a big goodbye. After all, the same chapter portends several spin off.

Indeed, the last eleven years of a powerful and soulful journey through the apocalyptic world awaken the power of the human will. The one who is able to change the world even just with kindness. The one who passes and looks into the future from the ability to come to terms with the shadows of his inner world. A journey that is the last piece of history walking Dead remember elegantly.

Daryl, again, is the face of down-to-earth heroism, laced with a self-aware take on the ability to fight against adversity. No wonder the last episode walking Dead begins with the character’s attempts to save the life of Judith, who is dying after being shot by Pamela Milton. Daryl runs through the corridors of the Commonwealth Hospital with a little girl in her arms. It is his fierce need to conquer death that provides his first great episode in the final chapter. Also, it reminds that this is not a story in which the living face the dead, but in which death is an enemy that must be defeated. Always, under any circumstances.

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That’s what Daryl does as he fights for Judith’s life against the inevitable. The girl dies, but wide-eyed clings to awareness. Farther on, at the glass doors, walkers throng, pounding with clenched fists. Death is near, but Daryl is determined to prove that the common man is capable of resisting it. Message that the last chapter walking Dead will dial again and again.

The final chapter of The Walking Dead

Death and life in a precarious balance

Finally, Daryl gives up and falls unconscious to the ground. Judith takes over and closes the doors before the herd of creatures can enter. After that, he loses what little he managed to collect and falls to the ground. The sequence then shows the girl lying next to the man who fought to keep her alive as best he could and with all his resources. It’s a powerful image that sums up the main message of the final episode of the series. walking Dead. Trouble and horror are not far off. But in the end this group of survivors is capable of winningeven under the most adverse conditions.

When Daryl wakes up, he finds that Carol has arrived and is at his side. Luke is killed by a horde of zombies and dies in several of his stretchers. Judith is also fighting for her life, losing weight and getting weaker. “Pamela took the doctors and everything she could, we are all alone here,” explains Carol. The silence in the room is filled with mourning for Luke’s death, an inevitable and ultimately silent tragedy.

Daryl finally makes a decision. “Take my blood,” he says angrily. “It works for everyone, my mother sold it. Now Judith needs her.” Again, the strange polarity of the plot, which moves back and forth between horror and pain, light and darkness, is more apparent than ever. walking Dead. Judith receives the blood of the man who has cared for her for years and clings to life. The camera pans to Luke’s mutilated body, abandoned in the middle of a messy room.

the walking Dead

For his final chapter walking Dead He played with contrasts. Also with the nuances of the urgent need to overcome the immediate horrors. Rosita, Gabriel and Eugene manage to save Coco and then escape due to the possibility of being eaten by a swarm of voracious walkers. In reality, Rosita almost succumbs to the monsters’ appetite, but manages to free herself.

There is something poetic about the quest for survival of a heroine who carries a child on her chest, fights with outstretched arms and has no other weapon than rage. When she’s finally safe walking Dead again shows the solid and sensitive basis that made the series a phenomenon. The terror of the zombies can never overshadow the courage of those who face capsizing with the only weapon of their will.

The siege ends in the last chapter walking Dead

But as the last chapter progresses, the situation in the Commonwealth becomes more and more complicated. The walkers surround the hospital and the group that has taken refuge in the building must flee. Escape is difficult, among walkers who are no longer just beasts of prey. One of them takes a rock and slams against the glass of the door until it shatters. The message is clear. Monsters are evolving faster than you think.. Hint, what to expect in the future? spin off? walking Dead It doesn’t make it clear, but even so the detail catches the eye.

Also the fact that the crack in the Commonwealth’s internal unity is more evident than ever. As the survivors advance among the armed forces, one thing becomes clear. Everyone needs to understand that they are on the same side as those who run from death and fear. The bars that Pamela Milton keeps closed end up being a watershed moment for her loyalty. When Maggie points to her head, the woman who has become the epitome of dictatorial power tries to maintain control. “Shoot anyone who gets close to this fence,” he shouts as a crowd of townspeople stand on the other side and a swarm of zombies approaches.

The final chapter of The Walking Dead

That’s when Gabriel takes the lead. With the same stoic dignity that has defined his character throughout the series, he confronts the threat. Ignoring the weapon pointed at him, he shakes the metal until the message is clear. “Kill or survive?” Daryl screams desperately. Answer in walking Dead It is obvious. The troops lower their weapons and the mob enters the safety of the Commonwealth. Pamela Milton lost all power. Also the possibility of being an enemy. Handcuffed, Maggie lowers her gun and Negan makes it clear. “For someone like Pamela, losing power is worse than death.”

But for Pamela, death has a face. His son is one of the walkers who screams and stretches his arms between the bars. Her son, whom she pushed into this situation and who explains the mistakes that turned the Commonwealth into a huge prison. As Pamela is about to let what was her son consume her, she is thwarted by a precise shot. Maggie had just saved the life of her enemy and at the same time closed the space of resentment that had consumed her, perhaps for too long.

In the end, all roads lead to hope.

walking Dead ends in the same way as it began: on its last segment, the death of a beloved character reminds us that pain is inevitable. This is a peaceful death, away from loaded weapons or pain on the other side of a crowd of walkers. But what reminds Evgeny is that life and uncertainty are still part of the world he now inhabits.

the walking Dead

Maggie admits the same, remembering Glenn in one of the most touching and powerful moments of the last chapter. walking Dead. “He was handsome and kind. I can’t forget how I felt after that,” he tells Negan, sitting across from each other. The faces are very close, but with an impenetrable distance between them. “But when I look at you, all I think about is him, his bloodied face. I can’t forgive you,” he admits. Negan listens dejectedly, but accepts a veiled verdict. However, the possibility spin off what will bring them both together is obvious.

By the time a year had passed, the Commonwealth had grown into the haven of peace and relief it was always meant to be. For the survivors, it is an oasis, a meeting place, which, however, is not final. Daryl begins his own journey far from where the last outpost of civilization begins to flourishin a small, beautiful and precious spring.

Time is coming back

walking Dead It ends showing Rick and Michonne in a dialogue at a distance, which one and the other complete without knowing it. A scene in which the production remembers all the missing, killed, most beloved characters, their loss. But also fights, the strength of the fighting spirit. Of course, there is also the future, the search for an ideal. A look at what may no longer be waiting in this story that has found its balance between good and evil. If not many others are waiting along the way.

walking Dead he travels in circles to reach his memorized pilot’s starting point. Rick’s face fills the screen again. But this time he smiles. The search for your story has begun. A journey that will take this expanding universe to new places and especially a more than powerful look at what lies ahead.

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