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Movistar Plus+ Premiere in December: Nicolas Cage at His Best, Extended Spider-Man and More


Platform Movistar Plus+ made a long list movies premiere in December. Metafilm about Nicolas Cageextended version of the latest spidermanthriller with Liam NeesonSpanish comedies, British dramas, a double offer of exciting Chinese war films and a large selection of jewels awarded at various international festivals.

One of the most watched movies on Movistar Plus+ will surely be extended version from Spiderman: No Way Home. An additional 13 minutes with new scenes that add more depth to the film. arrives December 8.

Another notable title is The Unbearable Weight of Huge Talentaction comedy in which Nicolas Cage is more Nicolas Cage than ever, already playing himself as a parody, with the Niki Cage character.

Cage is an actor saddled with debt and out of a job who accepts a million-euro offer to attend an eccentric billionaire fan’s birthday party. Without knowing how, he will become involved in the CIA operation.

The film has flashy secondary stars such as Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) and Spanish actor Paco Leon. arrives 9th Decemberand you can watch the trailer here:


Exclusive clip “The Unbearable Weight of Colossal Talent” with Nicolas Cage

Another long awaited title Downton Abbey: a new era. The second film is based on the popular British historical series set in 1928 and follows two different storylines. premiere December 2nd.

Thriller lovers have Mediatornew opportunity to see Liam Neeson chasing bad guys Top notch conspiracy, dark and secret FBI program, rogue agents, spectacular car chases, gunfights… All the ingredients of the genre, although you’ll have to wait until December 30th.

If you like war movies, two parts Battle of Lake Changjin They will meet all your expectations. Three of the most famous directors of Asian cinema: Dante Lam (Operation Mekong), Cui Hark (Once Upon a Time in China) and Chen Kaige (Farewell My Concubine) are co-directing the second-highest-grossing film. 2021 in Asia, and in one of the most expensive.

200 million budget and 70,000 additional recreate one of the most epic battles in movie history.

We also have a Spanish comedy with Testand films that won awards at festivals such as Turtle Maneuver, Silent Night or Great minds.

Here is the full list with the days of the premiere.

Movistar Plus+ films release in December

  • Downton Abbey: New Age. From Friday, December 2nd.
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home (Extended Version) From Thursday 8.
  • The unbearable weight of a huge talent. From Friday the 9th.
  • Red rocket. From Sunday 11.
  • wonderful minds. From Wednesday the 14th.
  • Test. From Friday the 16th.
  • Battle of Lake Changjin. From Saturday the 17th.
  • Battle of Lake Changjin II. From Sunday 18.
  • Inu-oh. From Tuesday the 20th.
  • Turtle maneuver. From Wednesday 21.
  • Mafia tailor. From Friday the 23rd.
  • Quiet night. From Saturday 24.
  • Intermediary. From Friday the 30th.

A large variety of films so that everyone can enjoy cinema on the Telefónica platform this Christmas.

December releases from Movistar Plus+ They can be seen on Estrenos por M+ (dial 11), Estrenos 2 por M+ (dial 12) and on demand service for all customers with the cinema option.

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