Amazon isn’t just trying to compete with Netflix on streaming platforms; he also wants to do it on the big screen. The company founded by Jeff Bezos has confirmed that plans to invest $1 billion in original films to be released in theatersa number that matches the number of releases similar to Paramount Pictures’ releases per year, and in addition, far exceeds the number of releases of its major competitors.

The company, in particular, he hopes to release 12 to 15 films a year.. Yes, it will start with fewer feature films throughout 2023 and its production will increase over time. Its goal, however, seems to be to replicate the highly successful Netflix formula that releases original films to the big screen weeks before their films are made available on the streaming platform.

Daggers in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Bow, for example, is currently available in theaters until it premieres on Netflix on November 23; a strategy that could allow the company to raise at least a large portion of the cost of its products. Especially given the success of the original film, which grossed $312.9 million in theaters in 2019.

Amazon wants to increase the number of original products

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