For several months now, I have been downloading videos from YouTube more often. collect everything in order not to forget about the new releases of your favorite musicians, whose work is not available on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Here, for example: I accidentally accidentally saw a new Nickelback video clip for a song with a new album, which should be released soon. The song is fire, the clip too, must be saved!

I click on one machine on the desktop of my iPhone and the video from YouTube flies to my media library. The most simple and convenient.

Also with a single tap on the screen you can download any video from Twitter, Instagram*, Facebook*, Vimeo, Snapchat, Dailymotion, Flickr, Twitch, Tumblr, VK, SoundCloud, TikTokand other social networks and resources that have videos.

*banned in Russia, supplier of Meta, which is recognized as extremist by the Russian Federation

Here’s how to install this magic bootloader for yourself:

You need to download the finished order

First, make sure you have the Teams app installed on your iPhone. If for some reason you don’t have it yet, immediately download it for free from the App Store. She’s great at using her smartphone, watch it yourself.

Then click on this message to download the “R⤓Download” command. After the Add analytical button, it is installed automatically in the Teams app.

Now you just need to sit on the video from any social network. Copies the message and activates the R⤓Download command.

Important: to download videos from YouTube, the link must be copied not from the address bar, but through the “Share” button under the video.

The first time the command will ask for permission to use the clipboard and access to an intermediate resource, feel free to allow it. This does not affect your data in any way.

May be resolved once or permanently. In the first case, the team will ask you for permission at every meeting.

After all permissions are issued, you will be prompted to select your preferred video resolution, and after that the download itself will begin. Wait a while, depending on the “weight” of his file, and the protection in his media library.

Every time you don’t see this app, to activate a command, you can add it to your desktop as a widget. Here’s how to do it:

one. Click on any empty space on your iPhone’s home screen and hold the cable to enter icon control mode.

2. Then click on the plus sign in the left corner of the screen and select “Teams” from the list of widgets.

3. Next, select the “Quick note” command.

Now a universal downloader of videos from the Internet is always at hand. The main thing is not to take measurements first before pressing the R⤓Download button.

No more searching for sites that are related to video selection, usage, or downloading specific apps from the App Store. The functionality of the loader command will be enough for you.

And here are other useful quick commands:

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Source: Iphones RU

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