It may sound like meme material, but in reality, the song the Cantina Band plays in A New Hope is probably the most famous musical element of Star Wars after the end credits and the Imperial March (which is always by the same immortal composer: John Williams). Here it is, to end it nicely Star Wars Day 2022A prestigious cover engraved by DCappella arrives, immortalized in an official video apparently shot at Walt Disney World, Florida.

The so-called Cantina Band is a musical group of seven elements (of which we only see six in the video) that perform successfully in the clubs of the galaxy, including the bar we see in Episode IV on Mos Eisley. The real name of the band? Figrin D’An. Since their “debut” in the George Lucas film, the song (aka crazy about me) has become a real hit, offered in several versions, including medleys and bizarre ten-hour montages.

Source: Lega Nerd

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