James Cameron launches an interesting and fruitful advertising campaign for the film’s premiere Avatar 2: Water Sense. Which means, in addition to some interesting details about the long-awaited sequel, a broader view of the expansion of the central universe. Among them is the answer to the persistent question: could Avatar make the jump to TV?

Answer one decisive refusal of the director. Which also clarifies his ambitions for a film franchise. In a recent interview with Hollywood Reporterproducer completely ruled out the possibility of a television series. A question that has been mulled over for months, but in the end, Cameron doesn’t seem to care. From his point of view, the series could be viable in ten years or so. But now, nothing like this is planned nor does he have the slightest inclination towards the subject.

The statements came as a surprise because the universe Avatar it seems to extend in dozens of different directions. From how Cameron plans to explore new locations in his franchise, to all the means that will allow for a deeper journey across Pandora. The new frontiers of the saga include all sorts of new resources for exploring the story.

On the one hand, graphic novels were published last November. Avatar: Pinnacle D Avatar: Pandora’s Limits. Both volumes will analyze the world Cameron imagines in terms of its fauna and flora. A video game developed by Ubisoft will also be released, allowing the player to explore the cinematic universe in detail.

However, for Cameron, television is not the ideal place to delve into his favorite story creation. Which, moreover, shows the level of the director’s commitment to the solidity of his work.

A Good Reason to Avoid TV

“The problem with these computer characters is that they’re so expensive and labor-intensive that they’re not really good for television.”explained James Cameron. “Now we can go back 10 years with more deep knowledge. With a few lessons on how to present the concept on television. Of course we could get a TV. However, at the moment I am not interested,” he concluded.

This is a statement that closes the discussion about the possible vision of video streaming or cable TV platforms in the world. Avatar. With a franchise enjoying a notable revival The idea, which was supposed to be a major cinematic event, was discussed in specialized forums. But in the end, Cameron made it clear that will insist on the visual and narrative integrity of their workjust as he imagined it from the very beginning.

Avatar and its cinematic power

Of course, the reasons given by Cameron for avoiding this Avatar become a television product are understandable. Avatar relies heavily on a realistic CGI system to bring its characters to life.

In particular, a world with many unique plants and creatures that make up a realistic ecological system. One of the moments that turned Avatar In the critical and box office triumph of 2009, it was his breathtaking experience. Aside from the proper use of 3D technology, the level of detail in the Pandora ecosystem stunned the public.

To Bringing this vision of a universe of this magnitude to the small screen would have many disadvantages.. Starting with the level of investment that will be required to implement such a project. It is reported that the cost of production Avatar 2: Water Sense exceeds 400 million US dollars. If a TV program was made that claims to have the level of detail and accuracy of the result in the cinema, then most likely it would have to have an even higher score. Splitting into chapters would increase the cost to an incredible level.

As if that wasn’t enough, the argument Avatar requires the solidity of a script made for cinema. One that allows you to thoroughly and, in particular, analyze the complex relationships between your characters from a fresh perspective. Something that could possibly lose its impact in a series production with the goal of telling a specific story over the course of an entire season.

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