James Gunn and Peter Safran begin to take steps to restructure DC Extended Universe. Creatives have recently joined the organizational structure of Warnes Bros. Discovery, and since then they have been studying and analyzing possible paths and decisions that need to be made in connection with this narrative. One of the first actions was to evaluate the third part amazing woman and feelings are not optimistic.

This story, starring Gal Gadot, became one of the highlights of the DC Extended Universe when the first movie was released in 2017. However, its sequel, released in 2020, was not entirely satisfactory. This, in a context in which the meaning and execution of the entire franchise has already been questioned for not seeming compact, is clearly integrated.

This information was known from various sources consulted by Hollywood Reporter. The environment describes that the project Wonder Woman 3 was appreciated Patty Jenkins – its director – and Geoff Johns – co-author – and does not fit, at least in its current version, into the framework of a new idea being developed in the company. At the end of October this year, it became known that part of the restructuring that Warner Bros. Discovery, led to the inclusion James Gunn D Peter Safran as co-CEOs of DC Studios, reporting to David Zaslav, Chief Executive Warner Bros. Discovery.

If there is no complete restructuring of the project, which in its current version is considered “dead”, according to Hollywood Reporterit is understood that Wonder Woman 3 This is no longer part of the plans for the DC Extended Universe.

Changes in the DC Extended Universe

Wonder Woman 3 This isn’t the only DC Extended Universe story that’s in the air. Although prior to the arrival of James Gunn and Peter Safran, news had been announced of productions such as a sequel Supermaneven this is also questionable in the ongoing restructuring.

In this regard, nothing has been closed yet. Henry Cavill He commented via Instagram that he will be reimagining the character, it’s even part of the post-credits scene. Black Adam. However, as recalled in the aforementioned environment, all this was before joining the Gunn and Safran company.

Another project that will not be continued is Black Adammade Dwayne Johnson. The collection of the film was not entirely satisfactory (judging by the figure, it did not double the amount invested in it). this production was seen as a kind of reboot of the DC Extended Universe. Now it seems unlikely that it will be launched in the form in which it is presented.

Aquamanstarring Jason Momoa, still stands with its sequel. However, it will not go further than this one, scheduled for 2023. In essence, this is the closure of the narrative known as “snyderverse“. It was the clearest narrative sense that the DC Extended Universe had in a cinematic vein. While no clear program has been presented or leaked so far, the future of this franchise appears to be very different from its present.

Source: Hiper Textual

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