If nothing happens OppenheimerNew film Christopher Nolanwill be released on July 21, 2023. As the date approaches, we will learn more and more details about his feature film, but the latest one is sure to generate too much interest among film professionals. The British director has always been known for avoiding green screen and visual effects whenever possible. Oppenheimer there will be no exception

Earlier this year, Christopher Nolan already warned that his goal was to show the best nuclear explosion in the history of cinema. Well, it seems that she has taken important steps in that direction.

In an interview with Total filmsNolan said that managed to recreate a nuclear explosion without relying on computer graphics. His statement, of course, raised eyebrows, since virtually all films that attempted to show this devastating event did so with the help of computer graphics. Oppenheimeron the contrary, it will make it realistic.

But before the alarm goes off: no, Christopher Nolan and team Oppenheimer they didn’t make a real nuclear explosion, certainly. However, they managed to make the visual representation as close to the real one as possible.

“I think a recreation of the Trinity test [la primera detonación de un arma nuclear en Nuevo México] without the use of computer graphics was quite a challenge. Andrew Jackson, my visual effects supervisor, whom I brought in early on, was looking for how we could practically implement most of the visual effects in the film. From the presentation of quantum dynamics and quantum physics to the Trinity test itself.”

Christopher Nolan on set of Oppenheimer | Total films

Christopher Nolan, on the other hand, added that recreating a nuclear explosion is complicated not only by the physical phenomenon, but also by the weather conditions of the place where they are filming. That is in Los Alamos, in New Mexico.

At the moment, yes, the director did not explain in detail how his team managed to recreate a nuclear explosion. However, you can be sure that we are well aware of the process described below. FROM Dogmafor example, they were ready to show how they blew up a real plane.

Oppenheimer undoubtedly one of the most anticipated feature films of the coming year. It will be based on the life of an American physicist while participating in Manhattan Projectthe initiative that gave birth to the atomic bomb.

Also, Oppenheimer suggests one of the most promising deals seen in recent years: Cillian Murphy (Robert Oppenheimer), Florence Pugh (Gene Tetlock), Robert Downey Jr. (Lewis Strauss), Emily Blunt (Kitty Oppenheimer), Gary Oldman (Harry S. Truman), Matt Damon (Leslie Groves- Jr). .), James Remar (Henry Stimson), Rami Malek, Matthias Schweighofer, Kenneth Branagh and Jack Quaid, among others.

Cillian MurphyAlthough he was already involved in many projects with Christopher Nolan, he never did it in the lead role. Of his experiences giving life to Oppenheimer, he said the following:

“He cast me for the first time in a lead role, so I’m still a little shaken, but excited. This is a big job. But I think you’re working with one of the best directors in the world, so you’re in good shape.” hands. The difference with that is that there is a story, everyone knows what happened. But Christopher Nolan tells it differently as you would expect from Chris. That’s all I can say… I won’t say any more. Kill them, they’re so strict…”

Source: Hiper Textual

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