Disney+ has become a serious competitor for Netflix. You can use the streaming service on multiple devices, such as your TV, smartphone, PC or tablet. We explain how to install Disney+ on your device.

There are several routes to Rome that are either very easy or a little more complicated depending on your television. If you want to use Disney+, it’s wise to first download the app (Android and iOS) to your phone or open the site on your PC. Creating an account for Disney+ is necessary, and it’s often a bit complicated to tap into the TV.

Become a member

Once you open it, you can sign up for the service. To do this, share your email address with Disney, enter a password, and then proceed to checkout. Recently it is no longer possible to get a free trial subscription for Disney+. Unfortunately, the streaming service has stopped doing this. You can choose a monthly or annual subscription to the streaming service so you can try it out for a month first. You are currently paying 8.99 Euros per month or 89.90 Euros per year.

You pay like any other app in the App Store or Google Play. If you sign up through the Disney+ site, you can pay by credit card, iDeal or Paypal.

Now that you have an account, see which status applies to you to use it on your TV.

You have a smart TV

If you have a smart TV, there are two ways to watch Disney+. You will be able to download Disney+ as a separate app from your smart TV’s app store. After downloading, all you have to do is log in with your email address and password and you can start watching. You can navigate through the menus with the arrow keys on your remote control. Additionally, your television is smart, so you can also turn on Disney+ using your smartphone, which can be done via Airplay (Apple) or Chromecast (Android and iOS). See explanation in point 3. You can stream the image from your iPhone to your TV via Airplay. Newer smart TVs now have an Airplay app, so in some cases you no longer need an Apple TV.

Disney+ available on Samsung TVs

The Disney+ app is now available for download on Samsung smart TVs as well. The app can be accessed via the Samsung Smart Hub. You can install the app on all smart TVs from 2017. Samsung Smart Hub is a platform where, among other things, you can browse the Internet and watch television through various applications.

You don’t have a smart TV, but you do have a PlayStation or Xbox One

Smart TVs have an app store, but there are also PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Xbox One consoles that offer the app. The downside compared to a smart TV is that you have to keep your console and television turned on to watch it, but without a smart TV it is very convenient to use the console to watch Star Wars movies and series amongst others. , Marvel and Pixar. You use the controller to navigate through the menus.

No smart TV or game console?

If you don’t have a smart TV or game console, you don’t have to watch Disney classics like Beauty & the Beast and Aladdin on your phone. You can use a Chromecast. This is a round device that can be purchased for 39 euros and with which you can stream media over WiFi. If your TV has an HDMI port, you can connect Chromecast to it. Then you can select the ‘chromecast’ icon via the app on the phone before opening the movie or TV show. Make sure your phone is on the same WiFi channel.

As a final option, you also have the option of connecting your PC or laptop to the television with an HDMI cable. This basically uses your TV as an extra monitor for your Windows 10 device. In another post, we explain how to add an extra screen to your laptop.

Chromecast (2018)

cancel Disney+

Not convinced of the offer yet? Or do you not want to buy an extra paid service in addition to Netflix and Spotify? Learn how to cancel Disney+ here. Do you still want to get the most out of all the services available, but the offer and monthly amounts bring you a lot of selection stress? In another article, we’ll give you some tips to get the most out of your streaming service without sacrificing your bank account.

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