Two years ago, in jungle (available on Amazon Prime Video) sparked some interesting ideas in a familiar scenario. The story of eight teenagers in the midst of various kinds of conflicts, who must survive on a desert island, seemed relevant. But in fact, it puzzled that the script went in new and experimental ways talk about a premise based on internal evil. Without a painful and suffocating secret yellow vests, the series is beaten with the same approaches. But while the series about Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson used violence and inner darkness, Amazon Prime relied on more subtle horror. So much so that the final result of his successful first season was a real surprise. And for the second season wild lands it was decided to fully explore the premises of Sarah Streicher.

The second season gives the whole story a whole new deep and sinister air. But before getting into the temptation to give vague explanations or twist the thread of a riddle, wild lands bet on a brilliant sense of identity. Realizing that he does not touch on the original theme and that he has to compete with identical narratives, he takes a step forward.

wild lands he starts by making the context clear and obscures it by the very fact of its obviousness. What we see is an experiment. Creepy in terms of dehumanizing its participants. I so badly want to try it. But especially precise in order to make it clear that what you want to say – and mean – It is based on a controversial premise of origin.

Gretchen Klein (Rachel Griffiths) wants to prove that women’s society is controlled by women and on women’s terms. He wants to overcome the limitations of a patriarchal society in order to create a more efficient and powerful hierarchical scheme. The premise is based on an analysis of the behavior of hundreds of people and the reactions of eight subjects. In the previous season, the show featured the confrontations, horrors, and pain of controlled isolation meant for a purpose. On this occasion, shows what is the fate of such social diatribe.

Fear that creates and drives: a feminist utopia

the wilds rachel griffiths entrevista

One of the most recurring criticisms of the first season in jungle the point was that there was something ridiculous and exaggerated in Klein’s whole strategy. Was there no other way to test a woman’s innate ability to survive? But the show uses precisely that sense of excess to justify its argument. The test that the eight teenagers had to go through was beyond their strength. But not to their abilities, leadership and will. For the season finale the survivors made it clear that they fought not to die and that in the midst of the fear, an almost primitive structure emerged.

The Amazon Prime Video series recognizes the need for continuity that shows new test subjects almost immediately.

For his new chapters, the premise changes radically. From the Dawn of Eve project, we move on to Adam’s Twilight, which involves basically the same places and trials, only with teenage boys. Already opportunity appeared in the last chapter season, and the idea was reinforced by the perception of the inevitable. If the first experiment yielded successful results, the second is inevitable. And it is through this line of ideas that the premise wild lands in the second season.

the wilds

In fact, the Amazon Prime Video series recognizes the need for continuity, which is why it shows new test subjects almost immediately. And he does it on the same plane – or exact -, sit in seats previously occupied by their female counterparts. Experimental phenomenon will start and wild lands suggests the idea that the public already knows what will happen, therefore highlighting this inevitable cycle. But also the fact that this time the experiment was unsuccessful, so much so that the emphasis is on the time through which both experiments lasted. Eve’s project managed to reach almost fifty days, while Adam’s is considerably shorter. The very condition of this fact is terrifying because of its consequences. What happened to half the eight teenagers thrown on the island? What made your experience worse, more violent, terrifying, life-threatening?

The Wilds: a very expensive game

wild lands It has a detailed setting and especially,careful edition that allows you to emphasize the feeling of moving back and forth between scenes. But especially with a cast that surprises with their good work and ability amid difficult roles. From stepbrothers Henry (Aidan Lapreet) and Seth (Alex Fitzalan) to Raphael (Zach Calderon), they show the pain of their personal dilemmas. Some of which will be of increasing importance in understanding the outcome of the plot.

With a powerful ending and an amazing vision of good and evil built on a small test base, wild lands create a new kind of power. In addition, there is a growing understanding that the program has much more to offer. which, with cliffhanger The last chapter leaves only one pressing question to answer: will the series have the guts to come back to offer explanations?

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