Franchise Witcher It is still going through a turbulent period. at the exit from Henry Cavilldue to differences with the approach that production gives Showadd bad reviews aside The Witcher: Origin of Blood. The prequel doesn’t raise its head and has already been rated as the worst series in Netflix history.

The comments usually focus on the script of the story, the recognition of the cast with good actors, not accompanied by a plot. The fight choreography has not been left out of this, another of the more dubious aspects.

The result is a prequel that fails in the aspects in which Witcher stood out during the first two seasons. This context was reflected in the aggregator rotten tomatoesin which 2041 users rated The Witcher: Origin of Blood with only 8% points (at the time of this writing).

Criticism The Witcher: Origin of Blood

The series premiered December 23 on Netflix. Since then, he has been adding negative comments. One of the Rotten Tomatoes reviews is by Joshua Alston, who wrote in Diversity:

Origin of blood it is for Witcher what a sloppy downloadable video game expansion pack. Only the most faithful (to the story) should be encouraged.

Critic Angie Khan Hollywood Reporterwas even more rude and harsh towards the future of this series:

To quote one of the characters, “it’s made to die for”“.

Other websites reflect users’ criticism, such as the following mentioned to actors The Witcher: Origin of Blood:

“Good actors who are given a weak and ridiculous script. The combat choreography is at the level of a school play, but we will not talk about special effects. Michelle Yeoh It’s so wasted on this ordinary adventure.”

Doubts about the franchise.

A few months ago, Henry Cavill parted ways with the project. It seemed illogical that one of the main shows Netflix did without its main character, without mediating any public conflict or anything like that. The detail is that there was a problem.

Contrary to what was suspected when the news broke Henry Cavill’s decision had nothing to do with his return as Superman at the time.. But with a number of creative differences in relation to production. The actor, a self-confessed storytelling fanatic, wanted to go one way while the Netflix team was pointing to another.

So, the actor went off the rails, and Netflix presented him with a replacement: Liam Hemsworth. Henry Cavill was then written into the DC Extended Universe, now led by James Gunn and Peter Safran. A logical decision, considering all the restructuring going on in that other franchise.

As a result, it launched The Witcher: Origin of Blood. Immediate results are not encouraging. Witcher there will be at least one more season scheduled for summer 2023 in the US. Meanwhile, all chapters featured so far are available on Netflix.

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