If there was one thing that made 2022 different, it was the way cinema regained all of its appeal. Whether in theaters or on platforms streaming, it was obvious the return of large-scale and colossal in quality works. From extraordinary stories with cutting edge technology to sensitive dramas that touched audiences. While we’re not spared lousy performances in 2022, the cinematic experience has survived the pandemic’s forced shutdown.

But while showbiz’s renewed splendor is obvious, there have been downsides as well. With a new wave of feature films available to the public, a group of films that surprised with their low quality. In particular, because of the lousy performance of its cast, most of which are well-known figures and considerable talent.

An opportunity that leads to an exploration of possibly Hollywood’s weakest points as an industry. The way in which, at certain intervals, some great projects maintain their potential on grand stages and visual spectacles before being performed by their actors. Undoubtedly, an endless debate that each year reveals some cracks in the entertainment world and its priorities when it comes to making big productions. These are the five worst performances that cinema has left us in 2022.

Henry Cavill Enola Holmes 2 this is the worst performance of 2022

Throughout 2022, Henry Cavill has been in the public eye. On the one hand, due to his apparent return as Superman to the DC Extended Universe, which ultimately did not happen. On the other hand, due to his abrupt departure from the series Witcher, which will leave after the third season. Apparently, the career of a translator is at a delicate moment. At least one fragile enough that one of the worst performances of 2022 can be analyzed in terms of its future implications.

So it happened with his role in the second part Enola Holmes, a Netflix hit based on the Nancy Springer novels. Cavill, again playing Sherlock Holmes, had a more prominent role. But also, and perhaps for this reason, much dimmer than the first installment in the nascent franchise..

An actor in one of the worst performances of the year failed to give his character nuanced emotions, let alone any trace of three-dimensionality. Although this time, the relationship with his sister Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) was of considerable interest. But Cavill limited himself to repeating his lines without much emotion and without revealing the emotional connection that unites both characters.

It’s much worse to show a Sherlock who lacks maturity and is more like a lackluster version of many other similar characters. By the end of the film, one thing becomes clear. Cavill’s Sherlock needs to explore his motives, not his ability to dress in elegant period suits. Apparently, the actor’s biggest concern in this far-fetched role.

Christian Bale in Amsterdam

Christian Bale in Amsterdam offers one of the worst performances of 2022

Amsterdam, by David O. Russell, is one of the unexplained paradoxes of 2022. Despite a great cast and flawless production, it was a resounding failure at the box office and with critics. Probably, both can be attributed to the acting and, in particular, to Christian Bale. Pretty unexpected when the translator is known for his theatrical ability and versatility when embodying unique characters.

But his version of a man who has an unusual platonic relationship with his two best friends is hardly credible. Something that makes it one of the worst performances of 2022. Bale doesn’t seem to find a happy medium between sensitive solidarity and his character’s underlying motivations. Especially when Bert, imaginary according to the scenario, is going through military wounds and a difficult family situation.

The film tries from several different points of view to allow the character to express loneliness and alienation. But Bale is more interested in — and this is perhaps a twist in the tone of his role — in being cynical comic relief. Which ultimately completely destroys his lousy interpretation.

Amsterdam this is one of the biggest failures of 2022. But, at the same time, one of the few in the successful career of Christian Bale. An unfortunate example of what a bland argument and a clumsy directive can lead to.

Chris Evans, also among the worst performances in invisible agent

The invisible agent, Netflix

For Chris Evans, turning down Marvel’s incorruptible Captain America was no easy feat. Much more so when the long road to an independent career in the film saga seems increasingly difficult. It was expected that his participation in invisible agent, directed by the Russo Brothers for Netflix, was a step in the right direction. But it just wasn’t. Same became one of the biggest failures of the actor in the last decade..

The production, which received a flurry of negative reviews, is a tangled mixture of action film and franchise origins. Chris Evans directed the villain, a heartless killer who had to face the hero in his own turf. In other words, they were both equally skilled and deadly.

But in the case of Evans, who plays one of the worst roles of 2022, the role is a caricature of several characters. With a strange anachronistic appearance that does not contribute any distinctive features, Evans seemed to be making fun of the classic antagonists.. But without the cynical humor or double reading that such a theatrical experiment requires.

As if that weren’t enough, the film has some real editing issues that make Evans’ role feel incomplete. At best, they are little meaningless pieces of information that are put together without producing a conclusion. Also, the actor fails to get into the shameless and vicious attitude that the role demands. Which, in turn, leaves a blurry figure in the middle of a scene of endless explosions and gunshots.

Dave Bautista Daggers in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Bow

Dave Bautista is one of the worst performances of 2022

The former WWF star’s career is confusing to say the least. From roles with a certain comic streak in Marvel, he has evolved into somewhat more mature roles such as his Minesweeper Morton from Blade Runner 2049. He even had a more or less regular role as Glossu Rabban in Dune. However, his characters seem marked by inexpressiveness and for demonstrating his notorious physical strength.

AT Daggers in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Bow, director and screenwriter Rian Johnson gave him a more ambitious opportunity. Duke, star streaming who discovers the secret at the most unexpected moment is an open door for several events at the same time. Especially when you understand how important the information that is at hand is.

But Batista failed to get his character to display the mischievous swagger that Johnson’s script suggests. There is much less perception of the hidden violence that is part of the context surrounding the unique figure. Which puts him entirely on the list of worst performances in 2022.

What kind mixture incel and a little celebrity, the character seeks recognition. Which would give the actor the opportunity to give Duke a wide range of nuances that are as uncomfortable as they are derisive. But Bautista never achieved the perception of tainted fame, much less the decadent version of manipulation that the role demanded.

Chris Hemsworth, among the worst performances Thor: love and thunder

Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Love and Thunder, one of the worst performances of 2022

Chris Hemsworth is an actor with a powerful comedic talent. So obvious that when Taika Waititi translated the Norse god into a humorous theme in Thor: Ragnarok the result was a pleasant surprise.

However, in Thor: Love and ThunderHemsworth found it very difficult to follow the messy and confusing script. especially when his character had to move from parody to an exploration of suffering in several episodes.. Of course, the actor cannot be entirely blamed for one of the worst performances in 2022.

Although it was infamous that in none of the scenes did he manage to give Thor anything but a flat mixture of simple humor. Something that ended up drowning his attempts to get into the role. Wild and empty, his character became a hodgepodge of sketchy ideas that he never fully developed.

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