Tinkoff has temporarily stopped transfers in dollars and euros to Serbia, Mongolia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Such transfers may be blocked due to sanctions, the bank explained. The credit institution was sanctioned at the end of February.

Tinkoff stopped transfers in dollars and euros to Bosnia, Serbia and Mongolia

Tinkoff Bank has temporarily stopped making transfers in US dollars and euros to three countries: Mongolia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This was reported in the Tinkoff support service. SWIFT transfers to these countries may be frozen by the counterparty.

The credit institution explained that transfers to these countries may be blocked due to the sanctions that the bank fell at the end of February 2023. Along with Tinkoff-Bank, Alfa-Bank was included in the sanctions list.

So far, Tinkoff only allows sending Chinese yuan to Serbia, Mongolia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On March 3, Tinkoff-Bank stopped making transfers to Georgia; Since March 5, the bank’s clients cannot make transfers to Turkey.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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