James Cameron did his job. This not only demonstrated the box office power of the saga. Avatar, but thirteen years of work on the sequel was worth it. Right now, the sequel to the 2009 hit is one of the highest-grossing films of all time. Which puts the director in a privileged place in the cinema and overestimates the importance of his filmography. Perhaps for this reason, he devotes little time to analyzing his long and curious path as a director.

One that involves repeating words he spoke at one of the key moments of his film career. As we remember, the director has already achieved amazing success with titanicreleased in 1997. The play grossed over $2.201 million at the box office and received 14 Academy Award nominations. Finally, movie he will win in the eleven categories he chose.

The triumph made James Cameron one of the most successful film directors. But, oddly enough, he recalls with some embarrassment his reaction on the historic night. Having achieved a triumph, the director thanked, quoting one of the most recognizable phrases from the film. He did so while holding a statuette for best director and in perhaps one of the most emotional moments of the evening.

“Mom, dad, I can’t express to you how I feel right now. My heart is overflowing except to say: I am the king of the world! he exclaimed in high spirits. Twenty-five years later, James Cameron admitted that he now finds the speech “uncomfortable”.

Embarrassment among the emotions of an unforgettable night

In a recent interview with CNN, James Cameron He admitted that he was embarrassed by his performance. But he explained that the trick, which included quoting one of the lines from the film titanic, the great winner of the evening, was the result of emotion. It was a triumph, spanning years of hard work and effort, and bringing a long-awaited project to life.

“I tried to express the joy and excitement I experienced in terms of this film. The happiest moment for a character titanic Leonardo DiCaprio was when he was free and was at the bow of the ship. I learned that you can’t quote your film at the Academy if it wins because it’s embarrassing.”

James Cameron also reflected on the film’s success. “We should not win by a small margin, but everyone who sat in the hall that evening at the Kodak Theater saw and loved titanic. We will never know how much we won, and it may not have been a landslide. As a result, I was criticized 25 years after the speech. You have to be very careful with what you say during these performances,” the director said.

James Cameron and blockbusters, win-win

Over the past weekend Avatar 2: Water Sense exceeded $1,708 million in gross worldwide. This makes Cameron the only director to accomplish the feat three times. first with titanicthen from the first batch Avatar in 2009 and now, with its continuation. This is a very important achievement. Especially after doubts arose that they would hit enough box office to keep the production profitable.

But now Cameron can celebrate. His latest film is a critical and box office success. Will he achieve this a fourth time with the future continuation of the saga of Avatar? The answer may once again shock the film world.

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