Right now feature film FlashAndres Muschietti, one of the few survivors of the restructuring DC Extended Universe. Despite the fact that its main character, Ezra Miller, went through a difficult legal year, full of scandals and highly inappropriate behavior, for which he eventually apologized.

But while other actors are excluded from the future of the saga and several discontinued films, the speedster’s story continues to be of interest. The reason might be that your argument is a starting point new franchise future from Warner Discovery.

James Gunn and Peter Safran are going through one of the most difficult processes in modern cinema. Taking the chaotic timeline of DC film adaptations to create something completely new. Which also implies the need to discard everything that has happened so far. Or at least rethink. Which opens up the possibility of making an important decision involving a time gap and a multiverse.

Already in the last chapter of the arrow, the idea of ​​​​this idea was voiced. In a post-credits scene, Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen faces off against Ezra Miller’s version of the character. The sequence determined that Alternate universes possible in DC mythology. Which, in fact, could be a definite option, given the plot and chronological flaws of the franchise.

Flash restore DC world

The next sign that this idea could be among the saga’s future plans is the film itself. Flash. There are few details about its plot, but one point is clear from the meager progress. Barry will try to overcome the barrier of time and space in order to save his mother.

Something doesn’t seem to have changed under the new leadership of Gunn and Safran. An obvious point, given that the character played by Miller, one of the few whose stay in Washington was not discussed.

The Flash, Ezra Miller

Which would no doubt explain the presence of an alternate Batman in the feature film. The character will be played by Michael Keaton instead of franchise owner Ben Affleck. However, this moment signals something more ambitious. There are rumors that push the possibility that both characters are part of the story. And this means that at some point Barry will be able to create a multiverse and, no doubt, show the potential of the phenomenon.

From Flash point live action in Flash

Even if it’s not a direct version of the publisher’s limited series, it’s clear that the possibility of using the concept of time travel is real. In particular, to change the central plot of the franchise. Especially since the many realities could explain Gunn’s plans for the future, which include developing storytelling for DC’s great characters.

In recent months, the director has made it clear that classic editorial icons prioritized in new stories. However, in doing so, he ruled out that the actors who have portrayed them so far have been involved in the medium term.

Wonder Woman DC

There’s an important point to try and get into what’s going to happen in the DC Extended Universe. History amazing womanstarring Gal Gadot not included in the immediate plans of Warner Discovery. Gunn clarified that he “will not be included” in any productions that take place in the next three years.

A statement that can be extended to most of the main figures of the saga. And this means that everything that will happen from now on has nothing to do with what the studio shows on the big screen.

Does this mean you have to start from scratch?

This is not news that surprises fans. Particularly after Henry Cavill and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson explained they were no longer part of DC. Questions remain about the future Aquaman Jason Momoa and Shazam Zachary Levy. But for now, what matters is that James Gunn wants to rebuild the universe.

Will you leave behind all the characters and settings shown in recent years? The answer seems to lie, again, in Flash. The film went through several re-shoots, possibly to add information. Cavill’s and Gadot’s cameos were also removed. Which makes it clear that it will sever any ties to previous feature films. But Barry’s role in the future remains strong.

Several executives have said that Ezra Miller could be included in the upcoming plans. Why is the actor an exception to restructuring? Undoubtedly, the answer lies in the fact that his film could be the end point of the DC Extended Universe as it is known until now.

But that doesn’t mean that Flash will be an adaptation of any of the five issues of the series released in 2011. There is only a certain possibility that Barry Allen will become a temporary break that needs to be included in the study to include new characters. Also to highlight Gunn and Safran’s ambitious plan to reinvent the franchise by rebooting several of its main stories.

So, the new DC Extended Universe will not launch without some common ground with the previous one. In fact, this can be understood as evolution. Which would explain the story of a young Superman or that all the heroes have new faces.

A new take on traditional DC stories

The DC Extended Universe lacks order and meaning right now. There are timelines that do not coincide with the main one. Also stories in parallel and up to two versions of the same story, as in the case of the first and second parts Suicide Squad.

In fact, all the characters presented are more or less dependent on the films made by Zack Snyder. It could be a storytelling, aesthetic, or tone issue that Gunn must try to solve.

Warner Brazzers.

The total time break will take all the characters to an unprecedented narrative location. It will distinguish between two specific scenarios – at least two alternate realities – and allow characters to be included.

Gunn stated that He plans to take the DC animated universe as an example., a neat and elegant sequence of narratives that complement each other. But in order to achieve something like this, sooner or later he will have to eliminate all the mistakes that turned the DC cinematic world into a chaotic experience.

It’s obvious that Flash will not adapt Flash point comics – that would mean at least including the Justice League – but his idea. For now, this is a direct explanation for Warner Discovery’s interest in keeping Ezra Miller. At the same time, to support the idea of ​​a film that continues to be a mystery to the specialized press and fans. Will the new DC Extended Universe start this year? Probably yes.

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