box office failure Han Solo: Star Wars. Stories This prompted Disney to change strategy and focus on television series. Although the Ron Howard tape became a watershed for such hits as The Mandalorian, some think he still has a future. To dispel doubts individualwire asked Emily Clark (Game of Thrones) if he returned in a possible sequel.

In an interview where he revealed details about his latest film – Pod generation — admitted the actress. would you like to return to the universe star Wars. That would be great, that would be very good. I’m having a great time with Marvel, they’re just great,” he said. Emilia Clarke is a key figure covert invasionthe next big Disney+ series that could change the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The actress said that no plans to continue Only. “I mean… no,” the Briton replied when asked if she would play Kira again. the low box office performance of the original film was decisive for Disney to cancel any future projects, including a sequel.

In the same vein, Ron Howard believes that characters Only They have a future in the form of a Disney Plus series. In a 2020 interview, the director of the original film is optimistic about a possible comeback. The #MakeSolo2Happen Twitter campaign, spearheaded by screenwriter Jon Kasdan, sought to achieve something similar to Warner Bros.’s Snyder Cut.

AND spin off from Han Solo style Andor can bring Emilia Clarke back

Emilia Clarke in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Despite Emilia Clarke is busy covert invasion, a return like Qi’ra could materialize in the not too distant future. And Clark, and director, and screenwriter Han Solo: Star Wars. Stories, participate in Disney projects. Ron Howard – executive producer Willowand Kasdan serves as showrunner.

Another thing to watch out for is Disney’s obsession with time slot of the skywalker saga, an important period for the character of Emilia Clarke. Qi’ra’s Rise in Crimson Dawn begins at the end Only. After rescuing a famous bounty hunter from certain death, Kira travels to Dathomir to meet with Darth Maul.

At the time, Maul is the true leader of the criminal organization, but Kira rises to power after Obi-Wan Kenobi defeats a Sith apprentice. In later years, the bounty hunter cross paths with Han Solo again when frozen in carbonite. Within the canon star Warscorellian confronts Darth Vader using the techniques he learned from Maulthough the battle leaves her on the brink of death

History Qi’ra is intertwined with several Disney Plus projects., so a series starring Emilia Clarke would be an interesting addition to the catalogue. In spite of this, Disney is unlikely to risk another ratings dip. The most recent example Andora series that, despite a difficult production, failed to capture the attention of the public star Wars.

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