It’s already a fact: James Gunn is planning a reboot at all levels of the Expanded Universe of the new DC studio. After being appointed co-CEO with David Zaslav of the Warner Discovery franchise division, the director made some decisions. The first and most controversial discard most of the narratives still carried over into cinema. This is in line with the promise that over the next five years there will be a brand new set of them in an updated phase of the saga.

Undoubtedly an ambitious decision, taken a decade after joining man of Steel from Zack Snyder to cinema. James Gunn will have to reconfigure the context of every character that appears in the film. At least the ones he’ll try to add to a single interconnected timeline in line with the Marvel scheme he’s admitted to admiring.

So far, James Gunn has only indicated that great figures, especially Superman, will be needed for the next phase. In fact, he stated that he was working on a script about the youth of a Kryptonian hero. which would indicate that restore the main plots from their origins. Without a doubt, it will be a significant task that can turn the hitherto convoluted saga into a solid cinematic approach. This leads to the next question: what will the director’s idea be based on?

A new DC Studios could tackle obscure comic book stories.

James Gunn explained that a significant portion of the new scene would be based on compilations of some of the classic comics. The same is true in his animation, as he has successfully adapted larger arcs of the comic for over a decade. A few weeks ago, the director shared a photo on Twitter, in which he featured what appeared to be an open-ended graphic novel. Many fans have identified cartoons with classic All Superman Stars. A hint of what might be announced in the future?

At this point, the DC Studios co-CEO has not added more information, but his interest in restore some of the most famous and beloved editorial stories. We leave you with five adaptations that could be announced soon that will give the DC Extended Universe a much more sober sense.

all star supermanDC classic

As if James Gunn was hinting, the work of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely is perfect for getting into the Superman figure. Published between 2005 and 2008, it is considered one of the highest points of his mythology. Especially for his maturity in reflecting all aspects of Clark Kent’s personality and his powerful alter ego. In twelve volumes, this is a thrilling exploration of the mindset of Krypton’s famous son.

The story covers the last year of the hero’s life after being poisoned without the possibility of a cure by his nemesis Lex Luthor. Death becomes an inevitable fate, and the Man of Steel decides to do good. Which includes twelve feats that will show the stamina of his spirit and firm faith in justice.

It’s an independent DC Comics story that sort of stands on its own. It also covers completely new aspects of the character. Important note: Morrison commented after publication that the story was a “Superman update”. Which aligns with Gunn’s intentions for the future film he’s working on.

The kingdom is comingFarewell to the DC we know?

The kingdom came from DC

The story of Mark Waid and Alex Ross, published in 1996, could be the final version of the current phase of the DC Extended Universe. The comic depicts a future in which the metahuman population has become a problem. By that time, a significant part of the traditional heroes are on an honorary pension. Which allows many villains to use their powers without any respect for morals or ideals.

Of course, such a situation forces iconic figures to return to the final battle with a very human and ambiguous type of evil. The DC series has been praised for its complexity and how it has looked at abuse of power. One of his great themes is responsibility for extraordinary abilities. A topic that, judging by the prevailing plots in his stories, is of deep interest to James Gunn.

Can the film adaptation of Vaid’s work become a worthy farewell to today’s heroes? This will certainly be a tour of the big questions raised in the DC Extended Universe, and in particular its ambiguous sense of morality.

Superman for all time

DC's Superman for All Seasons

The work of Jeph Loeb, considered fundamental to understanding the modern Superman. analyzes the hero from his most vulnerable side. It covers his life for four seasons after his first appearance in Metropolis. But in fact, this is more than a description of his exploits, this is a journey through his emotional and spiritual growth.

It’s also one of the few that offers Man of Steel nuance from multiple perspectives. From Jonathan Kent to Lana Lang. Everyone who is part of Superman’s life is of interest in the narrative. DC Comics – the starting point of the series Smallville, also authored by Loeb, is a tribute to goodness. Similarly, with the virtues of a character described from youth to sober maturity.

James Gunn has repeatedly said that his intention is to tell about the early years of the hero and the most intimate aspect of his growing up. Which would make Loeb’s premise a great option.

Batman: Hush could be part of Batman’s mysterious future at DC’s new studio.

Batman, hush, from DC

So far, James Gunn hasn’t been clear about his intentions for Batman and his main themes for the new era. DC Studios. He only clarified that the 2022 Matt Reeves film and its sequel are material added to the expanded universe but do not occur in its centerline. Which could leave open a number of possibilities that are exploring various alternate accounts associated with the Gotham hero.

One of the most interesting might be Batman: HushJeph Loeb. It speaks to the context around the hero, his relationship with Catwoman, and how his enemies use his few loyalties against him. A premise that would allow us to analyze a new starting Batman for the future of the franchise. Also include those around you.

In addition, the narration has already been adapted to animation by Justin Copeland in 2019. An element that could coincide with the plans of James Gunn to convey to live action some specific stories. Will it Batman reboot option what allows it to be included in the new DC’s timeline? This would be a good opportunity.

The blackest night

D.C. Blackest Night

The 2010 graphic novel by Geoff Johns is essentially independent horror story with Green Lantern as the main character. The mixture of horror and action uses the zombie genre as a backdrop. At the same time, it brings together several aspects of other DC stories collected in the same setting.

From the deaths of several iconic heroes to a creepy world dominated by the dark aspect of the supernatural. This ominous take on power is perfect for a movie that sees DC change gear, hitting other genres. Particularly because its plot links Superman and Batman in different situations than usual.

So far, Gann has insisted that his plans include at least ten years of films. Which may be more than sufficient reason to analyze the possibility of several types of new premises appearing in the same timeline. The blackest night this could be a whole new step into cinematic territory that the Warner franchise has yet to explore.

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