HE telegram It is one of the most popular instant messaging programs today. It is the main alternative to WhatsApp, the most used application in the world, thanks to its practicality and privacy. And like his rival, he is also a computer versionswith almost all functions of native software.

also Telegram DesktopIn order for the user to access their profile on the platform, it is sufficient to log in with the same account used in the mobile version. Here you can also chat with people via text and voice messages, join groups and access certain functions such as live broadcasts and video calls.

Today TecMundo teaches you how to download and use the computer version of Telegram and explains how to perform some functions on it. Payment!

Telegram for PC: How to download the application to the computer?

1. Access the Telegram Desktop page on the Baixaki website or the official website of the platform;

2. In Baixaki, click the green button at the top of the screen that says “Free download”; It can be done with the download button on the official website of Telegram “Download Telegram for Windows“;

3. You will be taken to another screen where the download will start automatically;

4. After downloading the file, open it on your PC;

5. Telegram installer will start, follow the process step by step until the end;

6. Now login to the app and start using the desktop version of Telegram.

How to Live Stream on Telegram on PC

One of the interesting features available in the desktop version of Telegram is the ability to broadcast live through the app. See how to do it below!

1. Open the Telegram app;

2. Then select a group that you are admin of;

3. Once there, open the group options by clicking on the top of the chat;

4. Select the “Live” icon as shown in the picture below;

The live stream button is at the top of the chat window

5. You can choose from three options. Them:

  • Start Live Stream – You instantly start live streaming for chat members;
  • Schedule a Live Stream – You can schedule a date and time for a broadcast to chat members, where everyone will receive the notification with information about the live;
  • broadcast with… – You can choose the chat members who will join you in the live broadcast.

You can choose from three live streaming options

6. Now, configure your webcam and microphone and start broadcasting to all your chat members.

Telegram: how to use channels in PC app

Channels, as the name suggests, are general groups for sending messages, links, and files to different people. They can be found by searching Telegram itself when searching for a specific topic.

For example, typing in the search “soccer” will find several channels whose topic and related names match the search term. So, just follow the procedure to find the topics that interest you.

You can find a channel that interests you in the Telegram search.

It’s also worth remembering that channels work very differently from groups. In these, only admins can send messages to all participants when creating channel usage rules. In groups, anyone can interact with all participants, but only admins can add or remove members.

Now that you know how Telegram works on your computer, download the app and use your account to use the software without having to have your mobile device at hand.

Source: Tec Mundo

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