Pixar is planning to release a new short film and this time they want to tell us more about Carl Fredriksen. The main character up returns with a very emotional story under the name Dig Days: Carl’s Date for Disney+. Argument focused on his first date since the death of wife Elliewho we already met in the original 2009 film.

Carl’s date from Disney+ and Pixar gives us a glimpse into Carl’s life after the events up. In that, old man reluctantly agrees to a date with a friend. However, he faces confusion about what it is like today. Luckily, he will be greeted by good old Doug, who will step in to calm his nerves and offer advice on how to befriend the dog.

Digging days Behind him are some shorts. In them we see a cult dog up from Disney and Pixar in different adventures. While this applies to everyday events like going out into the backyard, Doug’s distorted vision allows us to relive the exciting events that unfold in front of everyone’s favorite talking furry.

Short film Pixar Dig Days: Carl’s Date It will be published on Disney+ on February 10, 2023.. In the announcement, in addition to presenting us with part of the short, it also brings together the next and biggest releases on the platform. FROM LokiPassing Peter Pan and WendyAnd up The Mandalorian.

More about Dig Days: Carl’s Date by Pixar and Disney+

One of the most interesting details, confirmed by Bob Peterson, co-director and screenwriter up– that Carl Fredriksen’s original voice, Ed Asner, will feature in the short. Although Ed Asner sadly passed away in August 2021, it appears that Dig Days: Carl’s Date It has been in development at Pixar for some time now. To do this, the actor would have the opportunity to record the latest issue of “Days of the Dug”.

And YES, the great Ed Asner recorded new lines for this episode before he died. did an amazing job” Bob Peterson comments in a tweet from his official account.

To refresh my memory after so many years Up! from Pixar initially presents us with the story of Carl Fredriksen and Ellie. Both characters live one of the most precious love stories in film history. Unfortunately, Ellie passed away, leaving Carl alone in this world.. From here, the adventures already familiar to us begin, when the famous balloon house floats to Paradise Falls.

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