Last of us This is the most watched series in history. HBO Max Latin America. The HBO-produced series received a significant amount of positive reviews from its first chapter. This trend continued until the last series, the ninth. With so many good reviews and a whole audience among video game fans and those who were fascinated by the adaptation, it has taken a prestigious place in Latin America.

This was announced by HBO Max in a statement. This explains the following:

Last of us It became the most viewed product in the history of HBO Max in Latin America. (…) The series has been a success since its launch, attracting the attention of a passionate audience, showing consistent growth week after week.”

HBO Max official statement.

What does this mean? Last of us surpassed the success in terms of visualization it had dragon house. This latest series has been preceded by significant anticipation, given that it is a prequel to Game of Thronesone of the most important adaptations in modern television history.

Last of us This is the premiere of the year and you can only see it on HBO Max.

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Figures in Latin America

According to information from HBO Max, the number of users who saw the latest episode was twice the number registered in the first. For this reason, the statement details “constant growth” Last of us in Latin America. If this is contrasted with the narrative development of the production, overall the series has maintained an upward trajectory in its character building and in the scale of its violence and aggressiveness, which is key in an environment in which the goal is to survive.

According to information collected NationThis growth is as follows:

“The first episode of this story in Latin America and the first six episodes Last of us averaging 30.4 million viewers since its January 15 premiere, with the debut episode approaching 40 million viewers.“.

What does this mean? In accordance with Nation: “With these figures, Last of us defeat Dragon Houseprequel to Game of Throneswhich averaged 29 million viewers per chapter.“.

In this sense, Hollywood Reporter It has citrons that allow you to have a global context for the phenomenon Last of us on the HBO Max platform. According to the information thus obtained, the season one finale averaged 8.2 million viewers across all HBO platforms..

Success Last of us

The HBO-produced series was supposed to be a good adaptation. Last of us It is one of the most important video games of recent times with a huge following in the world. Two months after the premiere of the first episode, it is likely that the series is already among the best of the year, or at least the first semester.

Last of us Not only did he maintain a close connection with the video game, respecting the base story, recreating iconic scenes, leaving a wink trail for fans. It was also a production that managed to attract audiences outside of consoles due to its history. Joel Miller (ur.Peter Pascal) and Ellie Williams (Bella Ramsey) managed to form a couple, which was transformed into chapters. A relationship that started out rough turned into a father-daughter bond that provided a key human background.

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In the post-apocalyptic period, in which the enemy is not only the beings eaten by the fungus, but also the few remaining people, they prevailed as a hope from the past. A relationship marked by various breakups and traumas that has mobilized millions of viewers around the world. Last of us second season already confirmed.

Source: Hiper Textual

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