“Hey Siri, turn the light in the living room blue”, a function that only costs you 17 euros

If you love home automation, these 16 million color LED bulbs are all you need.

Colorful LED bulbs next to the work of an LED strip

There are iPhone features that have completely revolutionized our lifestyle. For example, ten years ago it was unthinkable to even imagine that we could walk down the street with an always-on smartphone. But what about being able to turn on the lights or control the operation of household appliances from the iPhone?

Home automation is a real transition. But not because it’s super modern and fun, but also because it makes our lives so much easier. imagine power Turn on the lights and change the color of your lighting without getting up from the couch. No, rather, without even touching your iPhone’s screen. It’s possible now. That’s it. Welcome to the Future.

Among the most popular home automation accessories are: smart bulbs and among the best selling smart bulbs we have Koogeek LED bulbs. They’re high quality, have 16 million colors, and are fully compatible with HomeKit and the Home app on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS. And even better, they’ll last you over 7 years… and I know firsthand what I’m talking about.

Smart LED bulb

My experience with smart LED bulbs and their use with iPhone, iPad and other devices

I’ve used multiple home automation accessories over the past few years: smart locks with fingerprint sensors, colored LED strips, motion sensors, smart plugs, multiple sockets, and a host of other products. And I must say that integration with HomeKit is absolutely necessary.

If a home automation accessory is compatible with HomeKit, only Check its operation via the Home app Automate its work from shortcuts and other native apps, but it will also be compatible with voice commands. siri so your assistant does the work for you.

I have 7 color smart bulbs from Koogeek in my house and their HomeKit compatibility has allowed me to make the most of their potential. An excellent product, they lasted me for a long time and I am very happy with them. Has bulb holder format E27, 16 million colorsa power 8W and remote control via Wi-Fi.

I love them so much. And they offer much more than just changing the color of the lighting from the iPhone. nothing like come home and be greeted by a warm, dim light (you can choose the color tone) at home – it’s possible thanks to your iPhone’s location services. Another advantage is that it allows you. save on electricity consumptionbecause you can program the light to turn off at a specific time each day of the week.

These LED bulbs are an outstanding product and I highly recommend them. only cost €16,99 and I can assure you this will be one of the best investments of your life. They were in mine.

Smart LED bulb

The only downside I found with this product is, maybe a little heavy. But hey, it’s a mark of quality and doesn’t mean you’ll be holding the bulb for long. It is extremely simple to configure and allows you to control its brightness, colors and program automations.

If you’re not completely convinced by this product, there are even cheaper alternatives on the market like these InnJoo LED bulbs (€9.90), but they don’t offer HomeKit compatibility.

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