Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) doesn’t know much about football. You don’t need them either. His goal is to inspire the players of the fictional team under his leadership, AFC Richmond, achieve victory. In addition, you must do this out of the conviction that success has more to do with good intentions than physical effort. At least that good attitude makes up for ignorance and clumsiness.

Curious premise of the series AppleTV+ It might have been absurd were it not for the carefully crafted script. Also for his decision to touch on a topic that, before the premiere, was not very popular in the world of series. The central idea of ​​the production is the study of modern goodness.

This is the solution that makes Ted Lasso a rarity in the television scene of recent decades. After all, a considerable number of the most sensational stories appeal to cynicism and moral evil as a strong side of their plot.

From dragon house and his bitter struggle for power or the greed he portrays successioneven a mocking prospect Barry about death. The most relevant stories today analyze crime, betrayal and infidelity as central elements of their respective plots.

Good heart and best intentions overcoming mistrust Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso goes in the opposite direction. What’s really interesting about his reasoning is that he tends to see kindness as a form of communication. Especially its main character, who will try to win over a group of short-tempered players who have become disillusioned with the world of sports.

By focusing on the real change that kindness and dedication can bring about, this argument avoids judgments of ethical or spiritual superiority. Instead, try to be approachable, funny, and deeply sensitive. A combination that turned the series into a viewer and critical phenomenon.

In my first chapter Ted Lasso makes it clear that he is not a trained coach for the position. Which, in fact, has no knowledge on the subject. But with unshakable optimism, he shows that sometimes victory depends not so much on knowledge as on a higher goal.

The trainer is not based on any religious beliefs and is not a philosopher with great intellectual knowledge. He is an honest man, as insisted on by the owner of the team. Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham), and on this he bases all his beliefs. Ted Lasso is convinced that everyone has something good to offer. An ideal that he turns into practical behavior when he starts coaching his players.

How can such a script work? Screenwriters Brendan Hunt, Joe Kelly, Bill Lawrence, and Jason Sudeikis himself build on this collaborative effort. The plot is not built on the connection of the sports abilities of athletes. His main point is that hope can be just as powerful a type of motivation as ambition and the desire to succeed. which leads to the production AppleTV+ to a new place in regards to sports dramas.

A generous person in a hostile environment

Ironically, the character Ted Lasso’s first appearance was in a series of commercials for NBC Sports. So it was a buffoon figure, contributing to the illumination Premier League football. But its popularity became so huge that screenwriter Bill Lawrence was hired by the network on a mission to write a story that deepens the plot. What happens if an American tries to lead a divisional team in a traditional sport in English culture?

The evolution of a cartoon character into a great optimist is one of the most important elements of the story. In addition to its ability to make people laugh, the series reflects the quality of a good heart. This puts it on the same level of importance as strategic acumen. Royce V succession or that the ability to kill Barry Bill Hader. IN Ted Lassothe main thing is the power to do good and do it every day.

Whether it’s on the training field or trying to convince every player of their abilities, the story embraces the phenomenon of faith. Without resorting to religious or ideological dogmas, the coach trusts the will and dignity of his wards. There is no cynicism in enthusiasm. Ted Lasso or your team, just a deep conviction that there are many ways to be extraordinary. A perspective that is completely opposite to the current discourse of dark cynicism. Perhaps the greatest achievement of this journey through the luminous places of life, as unique as it is moving.

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