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7 of today’s best-known teen dramas to watch on Netflix, HBO Max and Prime Video


Different streaming platforms Netflix, Prime Video or HBO, They have a wide catalog in terms of youth TV series. And they are a complete success.

Some of them can conquer us from different angles such as romantic stories, funny comedies, horror and suspense, and even fantasy and supernatural elements.

Nor can it be lacking: sex, rebellion, love in every way, friendship… In short, everything that happened in the years the world was discovered. A little bit of everything.

You may not be a teenager going through the highs and lows of high school right now, but these high school teen dramas will take you into the future. A time when you don’t have to worry about filing your income tax return or anything else that really matters.

We have compiled a list 7 teen series, both new and current hits, Remember the days when you could see it on platforms right now so your only problem was why your crush wasn’t connected to Messenger?

Today’s 7 most popular teen TV series:

  • heart stopper
  • welcome to heaven
  • enthusiasm
  • Generation
  • sex education
  • merli
  • Elite

heart stopper

heart stopper


We find ourselves in front of a sweet and poignant adaptation of Alice Oseman’s web comic on the subject. Totally healthy love between two primary school kids in England.

This series is currently triumphing on social networks and all the media are talking about it. Charlie, a very nervous boy, and Nick, a cheerful and very sensitive rugby player, sit together in class one day and love is born like someone who doesn’t want everything.

Their friendship will quickly develop into something more for Charlie, who is openly gay. but at first she doesn’t think she has a chance with Nick.

But love works in surprising ways, and Nick is more interested in Charlie than they both realize. Heartstopper deals with love, friendship, loyalty, and mental illness, and that’s why it managed to go so viral.

Calculate with a season you can see on Netflix for now.

welcome to heaven

welcome to heaven


We’re going with familiar faces that seem a Spaniard and also successful. This part of a very specific question, “You’re happy?”, Zoa and four other young people who are very active on social networks On a secret island, they’ll be invited to answer it at the most private party in history hosted by a new beverage brand.

But what begins as an exciting journey soon turns into a journey of no return. Heaven is not what it seems.

In the series, Amaia Aberasturi (Akelarre), Amaia Salamanca (Despite everything), Sergio Momo (Elite), Belinda Peregrín, Lola Rodríguez (Veneno), Begoña Vargas (Open Sea), Ana Mena o Berta Vázquez (Vis a vis), among others .

this new series Worldwide Elite comes with everything to reinforce itself like Money Heist or Vis.

It currently has a recently released first season, although the second one has already been signed, and with this ending, it’s for nothing less. Available on Netflix.

Disney Plus logo



It is adapted from an Israeli TV series of the same name.The series follows 17-year-old Rue (Zendaya), a troubled drug addict who has just come out of rehab.

Its success is undeniable, and few people in the world know what Euphoria is. The series will explore the life of our protagonist as she deals with age, gender, drugs and trauma along with her classmates.

This high school teen drama is far from the carefree and banal stuff we’ve seen in other dramas. This one isn’t afraid to be dark and heartbreakingly sad, especially in its later seasons.

Although we foresee a great future for him, he currently has two seasons. You have them right now along with special episodes on HBO Max.



This series revolves around a group of high school students and some of their families. He will introduce us to a diverse group of his discoveries. Because they live in a conservative community, their sexuality will be put to the test given their deep beliefs about the nature of life, love and family.

We find ourselves in the same package with a range of social networks and the problems they can generate, social justice discourses, teen parties, and all spectrums of sexual orientation and gender identity.

With 16 episodes and just one season (we don’t know if there will be a second one), it’s available on HBO Max.

Amazon Prime Video

sex education

Sex Education 2


There is a strong connection between puberty and sex, it’s a fact. That’s why the issue of Sex Education is universal and has succeeded in succeeding in many countries, including ours.

But beyond the pointlessness of just dealing with it, we find a fun and well-made series that features the love, humor and drama that are great components of a good show for teens.

The protagonist, Otis, is a young virgin who is tortured by him. On top of that, her mother is a famous sex therapist. With the thought of standing out at his new institute, he will try to imitate her to help other young people and himself.

Of course, sex is ubiquitous on this show, though not in a vulgar or overly overt way. The characters, each in their own way, are cute and evoke empathy in the viewer.

It already has three seasons and the fourth is expected for 2023. You can enjoy it on Netflix right now.



We continue with another Spanish recorded in Catalan, but you can see it’s dubbed in Spanish (I don’t recommend it), which will take us to a high school and the lives of some of its students, but most of all, The plot revolves around Merlí Bergeron, the philosophy teacher who teaches his subject in a very peculiar way.

However, it will raise them not only as a teacher, but also as a father, about life and getting to know themselves.

Apart from all this and how could it be otherwise, The series is primarily a high school drama. All the characters are sexually active, but more will be talked about sex than seen and we will gradually explore how they relate to each other.

He has three seasons with one story already completed, although one of his protagonists has another related story to follow through his college years. Currently, it is available on Prime Video.





Finish and of course Elite. Focusing on a wealthy private high school in Spain, this teen drama is one of Netflix’s most addictive international series.

We’ll find ourselves season after season with a juicy and mysterious murder that will run through the entire series. with a great touch of the riches of each and a lot of logical sex.

In addition to being a full-fledged soap opera that managed to draw you in, especially in the first seasons of Elite, its sub-topics that deal with issues such as class inequality, xenophobia, cancer and the stigma of HIV are the background that keeps this series flowing. .

All five seasons are available on Netflix.

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