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Black Mirror confirms sixth season as Netflix bets on greater cinematographic coverage


It’s been three years since the premiere of the fifth season of Black Mirror, one of the most famous futuristic and dystopian series you’ll find on any re-streaming service, and when it looks like there won’t be a new season, it seems that Netflix has started betting on the public for new episodes.

And Netflix wants better quality and less series for the future, and it seems that they will save Black Mirror, one of the most successful series, which will definitely have a sixth season, from oblivion, as they expect from Variety.

It was currently only going to be in pre-production, and the selection of actors and actresses is currently underway to bring new stories to life for the new season, among other innovations. there will be more episodes than the last episode with only three episodes.


Black Mirror – Season 5 Easter Eggs

On the other hand, the source comments: Season 6 will also have much more cinematic coverage than its predecessors.episodes that probably reach the length of a movie and have greater narrative value.

There are no details on the number of episodes or what each will be about, but they will, as usual, provide a forewarning of what the human race may find in the coming decades.

Given that season six will be in pre-production, it’s probably still a few years away from its premiere, but at least we know it has a much more dystopian future to tell.

Source: Computer Hoy

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