when you start to see ghost, you will think that this is another romantic comedy from the film industry. His main character Sadie (Ana de Armas) seems to be going through an existential crisis along with mourning the death of a companion. Main character ColeChris Evans), looks like another pretty boy lost in a godforsaken city. Both are doomed to meet. It won’t take you long to realize that all of the above is not what it seems.

Each in its own way offers the other a contrast, a kind of addition to a life that seems routine. She, a woman, is conditioned by her work; he, a farmer trying to cultivate the family legacy while working on writing his own book. Both are destined to build relationships in which romance and passion abound.

But this plan will be slightly changed. Instead of being calm, both will end up going through several high-risk situations. One of them lied. The romantic interest of another puts you in danger. ghost an action comedy with romantic outbursts and the intention to parody some aspects of contemporary relationships.

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ghost It can be a romantic comedy, but it can also be an action comedy, and sometimes not a very successful satire of modern relationships. Meanwhile, Ana de Armas and Chris Evans are growing as protagonists to the point of crafting an entertaining story based on productions such as John Wick when it comes to action scenes. Not being a memorable feature film, this might be an option when you’re looking for something to watch to entertain yourself after dinner.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Ana de Armas against the action paradigm

maybe because Mad Max: Fury Road, the role of women in action films will begin to change in the industry. furious, playing Charlize Theron, have taken on most of the weight in history. Ana de Armas does not achieve similar results in ghostand this production is unlike any other. However, the actress could be one to lead this transformation in the coming years.

For the good part ghostshe interprets sequences that could work in a female version of the franchise. 007. It’s no coincidence, considering who accompanies her: the former Captain America, who in this film plays a minor role when it comes to action. It is she, as a CIA agent, who must prevent the bad guys from gaining access to weapons that pose a danger to humanity.

Meanwhile, ghost he does not give up the background of the story he wants to tell: how two people with completely opposite realities can meet. A key factor in this is Cole’s inexperience in relationships and Sadie’s emotional distress.

The result of this combination is that he thinks he’s romantic and she thinks she’s looking at a stalker. This is the first of the paradoxes that the film raises in relation to contemporary connections: where is the line between one and the other? To what extent do communication and the search for independence determine the current ties? How does lying affect the trust of others?

ghostpotpourri of genres

When the pace of a film stabilizes, questions like the above naturally arise, especially during its opening. Acts 2 and 3 are dominated by jumps, explosions, and action sequences with notable franchise influences. John Wick. Who comes to ghost looking for entertainment, you will find it. If someone wants to see a love story, they will get it. If you are looking for a story about espionage, this feature film works in that sense too.

Ghosting with Ana de Armas and Chris Evans, critic

All this thanks to a luxurious cast with cameos from various prestigious and commercially successful actors. The most important Adrien Brody (Pianist), who appears as an antagonist leading an organization that needs Earth’s most dangerous weapon almost as much as Sadie and Cole want to be together. Not being fully effective, through bullets and combat, ghost he builds a bond between them until the occasional joke becomes obvious: “They need a room.”

There are not many surprises in this film. This is not a story where intrigue and action create unforgettable moments. However, in terms of entertainment Ana de Armas and Chris Evans work as a couple it is discovered and grows thanks to the feature film.

However, the ability ghost questioning the dynamics of the current relationship, if that is what you intend, that will be your weakest point. Sections of action and romance predominate over possible space for reflection. Perhaps this is another way to set the flag: after all, what matters is what those who decide to build relationships — and, in this case, save the planet — think.

ghost Available on Apple TV+ starting April 21st.

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