The attention of part of the film industry is focused on Ezra Miller. Actor, star Flash, he had several personal problems during 2022. This cast doubt on his participation in the film, and there were even thoughts of the possibility of canceling the feature film. All of that is in the past and this movie could be the most important of the year in terms of superhero movies.

Within KinoCon 2023 which runs from 24 to 27 April, was a private event Flash as well as a space in which a group of communicators and critics could ask the filmmaker a few questions, Andy Muschietti. Among the media representatives present at the meeting was Hollywood Reporterwho advised the director on Ezra Miller’s work during recording.

When asked, Muschietti said only words of recognition to the actor. Until last year, Ezra Miller was arguably one of the hottest new faces in the film industry. Perhaps this is true now, but so much noise due to personal inconvenience affected his image. However, the director defended him in front of the media and noted the commitment of the actor, especially during the action scenes and stunts.

Andy Muschietti’s words on Ezra Miller’s work in Flash

During the meeting with the aforementioned medium Andy Muschietti described what the experience of working with Ezra Miller was like. This is what the director said about the work of the actor:

“He’s an incredible actor. [The Flash representó] the opportunity to work with one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with.”

To this, he added the following about Ezra Miller’s acting skills and his ability to pull off risqué scenes:

“I learned that he is an incredible comedian and that he can also handle all the action required for a great show like this.. He wanted to do all the tricks and I let him“.

Ezra Miller made his debut in DC Extended Universe V Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). At the time, his interpretation was well received as he represented one of the most important characters in comics. It was a cameo that opened up the possibility that he would eventually have his own film.

This debut was followed by two more appearances, in Suicide Squad (2016) and justice league (2017). However, due to disruptions to the DC Extended Universe, confinement due to COVID-19, and the actor’s subsequent personal issues, the presentation of his own movie took longer than necessary. This wait will end on June 16 when it opens. Flash.

Source: Hiper Textual

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