Antonio Banderas May be Galactus next movie fantastic Four. According to recent rumors, the actor is in talks to agree on his possible inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This option not only suggests who could play the villain, but also signifies the confirmation of a possible adversary for the superhero group.

He Marvel Cinematic Universe It is in a difficult stage. His last productions were not wholly satisfactory. There are critics, both specialized and fan-made, aiming to question the structure that their films and series usually have. Meanwhile, global audiences seem to be increasingly distancing themselves from such stories.

In this context, there will be conversations between Antonio Banderas and those in charge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To this particular franchise structure, we must add another one: it can fantastic Four be one of the projects with the highest weight in stages 5 and 6 due to the adaptations that were made earlier.

Antonio Banderas as Galactus

Through MyTimeToShineHiA insider And influencers Twitter has become aware of the possibility that Antonio Banderas is interpreting Galactus. Through your user profile commented next:

Antonio Banderas is in talks to play Galactus in fantastic Four

This information has not been confirmed by either party. Everything related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is usually kept in the strictest confidence, although from time to time some possibilities are filtered. If we add to this that fantastic Four is one of the most important franchise projects in the coming years, there is reason to suspect that very little will be known about it.

What’s happened? Previous adaptations fantastic Fourdeveloped by Fox, disappointed. This was a time when narrative universes weren’t as industrialized as they are today; even the available technology did not allow for the opportunities available today. However, in addition to these issues, these films have failed due to aspects related to their history, with scripts that allow for various questions.

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On top of that, they didn’t have a narrative framework that would make things easier, as is the case in the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now. Series and films have created a discursive context that goes back to most productions. Galactus, a possible character that Antonio Banderas could play, has been created Stan Lee And Jack Kirby. He is known as “Eater of Worlds“And we are talking about a creature that existed in the mythology of comics even before the Big Bang.. Premiere fantastic Four scheduled for February 14, 2025.

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